Oct 13

Honobia Bigfoot Festival 2019 Vlog

A Youtuber called Prepared Living writes “In this video we take you with us as we head over to the Sasquatch Festival in Oklahoma. Check in to see if we found the big fella in the woods or if he remains the undefeated hide and seek world champ.”

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  1. Charles R

    The 8 foot Sasquatch cut out at the beginning I see from time to time in yards in my greater Dayton, Ohio area. A few weeks back on a motorcycle blog ( Victory Motorcycle ) a member lives in the Detroit area. However he and his wife have a house in Mio, Michigan which they will soon retire to. Mio is in the Huron National Forest area and along the Au Sable River, which may be the largest Sasquatch corridor in all of Michigan, probably along with the Manistee River watershed that extends to the Manistee National Forest. This gentleman penned about seeing a good many of these Sasquatch cut outs in his area. I then explained to him why that is as many hundreds, and probably thousands of Sasquatch encounters have occurred in his area. A gentleman named Phil Shaw lives south of him in West Branch and has personally documented in the neighborhood of 300 himself from various sources. Oh and I go by the name of Forest Giant on this blog.

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