Apr 11

Gorillas Show Human Expressions And Behaviors

Kevin Hunter writes “While visiting the Woodland Park Zoo recently in Seattle WA, we stopped by to see the Gorilla exhibit. I was fascinated by how human like these animals are, and how patiently and curiously they observed the children and adults alike.

The group of five gorillas were like five pals hanging out at the park with nearby observers. While some of them were preoccupied with their own interests, a couple of them clearly engaged with us, and it was very interesting to see.”

7 Responses to “Gorillas Show Human Expressions And Behaviors”

    • Asheim

      I am with you Daniel. Then they are disappearing from the wild because of poachers and greed and ignorance. This may be their only safe habitat. It is sad. Zoo’s make me sad.

  1. rosalyn b

    How human-like they are? Or how gorilla-like we are? It’s not anthropomorphism since humans and gorillas are both hominids, the only thing I find surprising is that one allows its offspring to taunt the other. Sorry, not a zoo fan, but I do love looking in their eyes and thinking how similar to us, and probably Sasquatch, they are.

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