Apr 12

Brave Wilderness: FASTEST LIZARD is Quick to BITE!

On this episode of Breaking Trail: Legacy Series, we take a look back at the time that Coyote met the FASTEST LIZARD… and he was quick to bite!

8 Responses to “Brave Wilderness: FASTEST LIZARD is Quick to BITE!”

  1. Steven B

    This dude has a “bite fetish” I think…I believe he even gets bitten by a snapping turtle. His screams and groans are pretty awesome and entertaining though.

  2. Charles R

    Circa 1986 my first wife and myself had bought a house up in the Canyon hills overlooking Palm Springs, CA. There was this 6 inch diameter hole by our mailbox. I went to examine it, got down close and out pops completely this huge to me lizard. I can not tell you what kind it was, however it was at least two feet long, maybe 3 with the tail, and fast and it scared the living hell out of me and I ran to the house. Being from the Midwest my only association with lizards was that man eater Komodo Dragon on a Johnny Quest episode as a kid. I was not about to become a dinner. I never saw it again, thank God.

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