Nov 18

From The Shadows: Bigfoot in Utah

From The Shadows Podcast writes “Jordan joins us to share some of his experiences from Utah. Jordan hunts for snakes in his spare time and it has lead him down some interesting paths in the wild of Utah.”


3 Responses to “From The Shadows: Bigfoot in Utah”

  1. Brad W

    Good interview! There were about 35 commercial ads in that hour but it was enjoyable otherwise.

    On a side note. Wes, I REALLY APPRECIATE that you don’t put ads in your interviews every 5 minutes!

  2. Deb L

    I noticed it, and I love you for it, Wes! This my second comment, but I’ve been listening for years and I’m still not caught up!

    Wes, you are what every pod-listener dreams of: you are an intelligent and insightful interviewer, your guests are gently guided through their traumatic and thrilling experiences and wind up as amazing story tellers. No time wasted with mattress ads or self-help apps…

    AND you vet your guests. There are a couple of copy-cat podcasts that claim to be presenting true tales, but you can feel the BS oozing out of your earbuds.

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