Nov 19

Strange encounter but I know what I saw

A listener writes “I stumbled across your show by accident 18 months ago, listened to a couple of podcasts while driving from Baker Oregon to my home in Halsey Oregon. I then promptly forgot about it. Fast forward to about 9 months ago when I was looking for something interesting to listen to and found your podcast. It was close to about the same time, like end of February when something interesting happened.

I went to take my dog out for one last bathroom break before bed. It was after 9 pm, dark and damp that evening (typical Willamette Valley). We live at the edge of town, there is large open field to the west of our home, for a clear view across acres of fields, and more fields beyond the road. I took my dog Ella-girl out to the front yard to pee, its too dark in the backyard at night. As we walked a few steps into the front yard, something came over me, a feeling of something strange, maybe of being watched? My back was to the house. I thought maybe my sons were watching me from inside the house. Half of the family was in bed already, but my teen sons were still up. As I I turned to my right, my eyes caught the west corner of the house. There appeared to be a large tall arborvitae shaped like a human at the corner of the house. It reached the top of the eaves of our two story house.

As I am turning, my brain starts humming. “There is no arborvitae at that corner of the house. What is that? Its large, got to be close to 10 feet tall, what shape was that, what the heck is that?”

Instant freezing fear filled me, however as soon as I froze, I heard in my head, “You are safe, I won’t harm you.” I remained frozen with my dog on her leash seemed to be moving slower, yet unbothered.

After probably 30 seconds that seemed to be much longer, I turned back toward the west corner of the house. Yep, nothing there now. I never heard any movement, rustling, etc.

I went back into the house and just stood at my kitchen counter for a half hour, still and processing my thoughts and what had just happened. I’m not crazy, I know what I saw, and heard in my head. My dog was largely unbothered. We live in an area that would just seem not likely to have any sort of paranormal creatures due to how open the fields are. This is an agricultural farming area.”

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