Jun 8

Former Pentagon official discusses UFO sightings

Joy Malbon speaks with former Pentagon official Chris Mellon about sightings of unidentified flying objects, including some in Canada.

6 Responses to “Former Pentagon official discusses UFO sightings”

  1. STEVE W

    UFOs have been drawn in caves. The governments around the world have known for decades,,, Maybe the elites have decided to share some of that technology with everyday people, Then again, They might not have a choice, Its very apparent the aliens have just sat back and watched us grow and have not really interfered, It appears to me we are ants in a large ant farm, What pisses me off is all the knowledge government hides, They rob us and I want to know why, We know UFOs and many cryptids are real, And you can believe governments know as well, Its all about freaking money and control

  2. schlad

    They have known about this for a long time, I Live near Rendlesham Forest. That event revealed the lie that they didn’t house nuclear missiles there, it came out because the lights were scanning the ‘ weapons storage bunkers’ that weren’t supposed to exist! So why now, I feel that if the psychopaths that need to be in charge of everything are for it, it must be for some control purpose..a new fear of the day perhaps? Hahaha these people are at least amusing…I can’t wait 😉
    Love and Peace for all!

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