May 15

Florida Encounter: The Barking Neanderthal

Just received this email. The interesting part is I just spoke to his friend on the phone and he was going to send me the audio. A listener writes “Me and my buddies went camping at Starkey equestrian called serenova.

We spent all weekend there and after everyone left we finally had the park to ourselves. So we did a little knocking and calls and such like we had all weekend and we just got knocks in response. Cool so we all were fighting the mosquitoes app night and decided since it was our last night that we’d call it an early night so we got in our tents and the fire dies down and we had turned off all the lights around camp. About midnight some bird was over our camp just going off and honestly it was getting on my nerves. While in my tent I was trying to mindspeak and get something to happen. Well about 20 minutes into this bird going off something that sounded like a giant illiterate neanderthal man started barking or grunting right behind our camp in a nasty thick swamp.

It did this at least a dozen times before I told my buddy to record. Then a fear hit me Wes and hit my friend. He started crying and I started telling at it and cussing at it and walked about 20 ft out in towards where I heard him. I’d like to ask if you can get some people with technology out here and I’ll walk them in. I need help. This was Sunday night/Monday morning 5/13/2019.”

5 Responses to “Florida Encounter: The Barking Neanderthal”

  1. Denise F

    Wow. Good description of it sounding like an illiterate neanderthal. This listener is excited about finding out what he/she can but I hope they are careful.

  2. Steve W

    Man u do N O T want to mess with these things. Be careful and take the advice of our friend BILL SHEEHAN… Always bring a bigger gun than u think u will need. Stay safe…

    • m99

      Shannon, send him an email with ‘ Technical Support’ in the subject line. That’ll probably help. I’ve done that before, and although not automatic, he eventually answered to help. In the meantime, could you try and log out & log back in? That has helped me in the past, as well as clearing the cache, and refreshing the page. All sounds so easy huh? Hope something helps though. And, did you mean the episodes? Pull one up and refresh it, see if that helps….

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