May 15

Encounter In Nova Scotia

A listener writes “Hi Wes, Love the show I listen every night before bed and while I’m driving. I’ve had multiple weird encounters with things in the woods and paranormal activity.

I’m 41 and grew up in Nova Scotia Canada and also lived in South Carolina and North Carolina. Anyway my first encounter was when I was about 14. (1992) It was the beginning summer and a very dark night. My brother and his friends had a campfire in the field past our backyard. There are a ton of deer and coyotes. Anyway they left in a car to go to town and my mom sent me down there to clean up and get the left over food and condiments. Also to make sure the fire was out. I grew up in the woods and I wasn’t scared of anything until that night. I was picking up after my brother and friends and I heard a growling noise from the woods. It was so loud I felt it in my chest and body. I was thinking bear at the time. Which I’ve never seen around our yard or woods. I froze and looked into the woods it was pitch black. I started to run to the house (dropped everything) ran into the field behind my house and I could feel this thing chasing me. It felt big and on two feet running after me like a person. It growled and heavy breath the whole time behind me.

I was a fast kid but it could have gotten me if it wanted. It stopped chasing me as soon as I reach the garage light. I ran into the house in a panic and my mom asked what was wrong I said something was out there. She was going to tell my dad I told her no because he would have went out with a gun and I knew he’d be in trouble. My brother and his friends Were all gone. I made sure it wasn’t them playing a trick on me. I didn’t think of a Sasquatch until many years later when I heard there here and I heard other people’s encounters. I didn’t believe In Bigfoot back then. I’ll add I had a nightmare that very night that a lot wolves came into my house and we’re going around looking for me. Woke up in a sweat and panic. The next day my dad said the food was gone and everything Else by the campfire was spread all over the place in a mess. Anyway I’d love to tell you my other encounters if your interested. I’ve kept them to myself for years.”

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  1. Derek G

    Scary stuff! Would love to hear more. I’m from Southern Ontario and there are encounter stories all over Ontario especially Algonquin park a couple hours north of me. I’m in the bush everyday now felling trees for farm and to sell…. I listen to all things Sasquatch and dogman related…. Every year i keep telling myself they are not in my 150 acre back yard… Which itself is surrounded by acres of wilderness. I hope I’m right…. I hope I do not see one or they don’t bother with me. If I do then I guess I won’t be cutting wood anymore. If one growls and chases me I have no idea what I would do because there is no way I’m running all the way home and I can’t have my rifle at my side all day felling and bucking logs. Sasquatch and dogman really bring out my inner chicken. Lol????

  2. Michele C

    Sounds more like Dogman than Sasquatch is what I was thinking. And then they have a dream about wolves looking for them?…very interesting! Definitely want to hear this story??

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