May 15

Brady Baxter: Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2019

Brady writes “This year’s Ohio Bigfoot Conference is one that I will not soon forget. The experiences that I was able to share and the friends I had the pleasure of making really made this conference special. I am now incredibly excited to share this experience with all of you as I discuss the conference weekend through my eyes and reveal how this conference changed my perspective on all Bigfoot conferences as a whole. Thank you to everyone who made this Bigfoot conference an absolute blast, and thank you to everyone watching this video and allowing me to share my experience with you.”

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  1. Stephanie G

    Thanks, Brady for doing this very nice recap of the Ohio Bigfoot Conference. I have been to two of the IBCs in Kennewick, and I was curious as to how that one compared to others throughout the country. Since there is no IBC this year, I may go to one somewhere else. And thanks, Wes, for posting.

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