Watch: Taylorsville Lake Bigfoot Witness

  On 8-4-14 a family camping at the main campground heard multiple whoops throughout the evening while sitting around the campfire. After they retired to their tents around 2:00am a loud howl prompted the dad to walk outside the tent and scan the woods with a flashlight where he noticed green eyeshine. The eyeshine then… Read more »

Family has multiple sightings in KY

  Investigation Conducted: 11-8-2014 Encounter Dates: 11-2-14, 11-4-14, 11-6-14 Witnesses: Wayne, Debbie, Bill and Bessie (last names on file) City: Garfield We received a call on Nov 6th regarding the encounters and arranged an investigation at the family’s residence on Nov 8th. Upon arriving at the home we were enthusiastically greeted on the porch by… Read more »