Jun 11

Evidence Of Lost Ancient Technology

Brien Foerster gives a presentation on “Evidence Of Lost Ancient High Technology Around The World.” I find this really fascinating.

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  1. Charles R

    So much on ancient history is not what most academia, archeologist, and geologist think it was. Ancient Aliens is now in its 14th season and more popular than ever. Graham Hancock does not follow the alien part but thinks ancient man was just so much more advanced then given popular credit for. I guess I started looking into this when I bought Von Daniken’s book Chariots of the Gods back in the early 1970s.

  2. Tedd

    I find it strange how academics treat the evidence found using modern technology, that shows so much of what we have been taught about the earths history is inaccurate, as something not worth even paying attention to.
    It’s much the same with all the encounters and evidence collected over eons regarding cryptids and things that aren’t in the normal paradigm. Seems foolish to ignore but if you are interested or trying to get answers, the ones who should be the most intrigued call us foolish. It will change some day but just like government it won’t be soon enough to stop unnecessary pain and suffering of the masses. Could be worse but sure isn’t great! Thanks for sharing

  3. Paul A

    History is written by historians, lol. The grass is always greener on their side of the fence. I have found these ancient tech concepts very intriguing. Too much evidence to discount the concept. Makes me wonder just how many generations after a civilization breaking apocalyptic event would be required, before our own technology would just be superstition, myth, and legend to the people of that future date. I doubt it would take that many. What is funny is that future generations would wonder what natural process would be required to make that worldwide found natural stone we call concrete.

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