Jun 11

Cryptozoology: The Ningen explained

We are IF writes “The Ningen, otherwise known as the Japanese Mermaids, are large underwater creatures of legend. This video has been a long time coming. I have mentioned the Ningen a couple of times in other cryptozoology videos but for whatever reason, I kept skipping them when writing a new video. Well, that stops today. Let’s look at these mysterious white giants of the deep Let us see if we can reveal a few of their secrets.”



3 Responses to “Cryptozoology: The Ningen explained”

  1. Bill A

    Are you sure you have your Japanese correct? NINGEN is Japanese for Human Beings. Mermaids are called NINGYO (human-fish). You might have to cease and desist from writing about NINGEN again

  2. m99

    Hi Bill. Isn’t it amazing? So many don’t do their due diligence before posting something and have screwed up grammar and spelling. I see this all the time. I notice because I have a form of dyslexia and can’t spell worth a darn. I do recognize when something is wrong, and use the spell check constantly. I always wonder why others don’t utilize these tools too.


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