Jun 11

Natalie and Tara Find Bigfoot Tracks

Natalie and Tara write “We went back to El Reno, Oklahoma to delve into the world of Big Footing again and we did not come back disappointed. Were the tracks we found actually the tracks of a Sasquatch?”


5 Responses to “Natalie and Tara Find Bigfoot Tracks”

  1. Richard P

    If it’s not faked. It’s high quality material indicating bigfoots close by recently.

    If they’re nearby. And are large conventional mammals. They could hide from a search party with thermal. But not from both a search party and a drone or drones with good quality thermal and optical zoom cameras.

    David Paulides, who has researched both ufos and bigfoots in addition to missing persons. Is insistent that thermal drones are not going to be a game changer in bigfoot research. So either he knows more that he’s not disclosing. Or he’s go it wrong. So far it looks like he’s got it right. If you’re looking at a bigfoot and it’s not showing upon thermal, or you can’t get a clear picture of it with an optical camera when you should be able to. It tells you that something is wrong and that you’re dealing with something other than a large conventional mammal in the wild.

    Emery Smith. Who claims to have a lot of first hand experience with ET corpses and body parts. Says that the bigfoots and other cryptids are ETs using technology counter measures that impairs pictures and video quality. Judging from SC interviews, a lot of these lifeforms seem to be to primitive to be using advanced technology. But that doesn’t mean that bigfoots aren’t benefiting from ETs using this technology on the bigfoots behalf to protect them.

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