May 12

Episode 1055: Cowboys And Sasquatch Is Available

Jason writes “I live in Idaho and my property borders Wyoming. I grew up always wondering if Bigfoot was real My dad always joked about Bigfoot, but at a young age I feel that he was trying to keep me close to camp.

As I grew older and began hunting on my own at 12 years of age I can honestly say that I never had any odd experiences until I was 19 years of age. When I was 19 my high school buddies and I went on a pack trip deep into the Wyoming wilderness. This was the first time that I experienced the reality of Bigfoot. I actually shared this experience with W.J Sheehan and he published it in one of his books. It wasn’t until years later that I started putting two and two together and realized that I had experienced numerous instances that I always ruled out as being bears or moose.

I have no doubt that Bigfoot exists and I was within 10 feet of one several years ago and I can honestly say that I was scared to death.”

Spoke to the witness and he describes this trip he was on when he was 19 years old. Everyone was on horseback. One of his friends was pulled out of his sleeping back one night. Everyday of the trip seemed to get stranger and stranger. The witness said “I thought we were being stalked by a human.”

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  1. Kevin S

    The whole “getting pulled out of the tent/sleepng bag thing is prolly the most terrifying scenario, or atleast the beginnings of. i ha e a kodiak truc tent. were goinna get a topper… but i mean… is there any real protection from such things?

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