May 25

Encounters With A humanoid

The 5th Kind writes “Shocking Encounters with this humanoid have been documented in many ancient cultures all across the world. In Australia we hear of encounters with The Yowie. In China the Yeren. The Moehau in New Zealand, the Almaste in Russia, Bigfoot / SASQUATCH in north America & Canada.”

6 Responses to “Encounters With A humanoid”

  1. Andrew A

    WTF is wrong with Australia? How can you be ok with your politicians escorting you on the road to Marxism? Do you not respect your freedom? I know your freedom isn’t like it used to be so FIGHT!!

    • Daren c

      While I totally agree with your sentiments , somehow for the most part S C has been free of politics and IMO that is a good thing. We do need one place where we aren’t constantly reminded of the drama going on. It helps people reboot to cope with said drama. I’m on gab and would welcome thus conversation over there. 👍🏻

  2. Dave P

    It could be ET intervention that explains all this stuff . I certainly don’t know! But let’s examine a unique theory, maybe the Bible is just completely factual.

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