May 26

Upcoming Show: Encounter From Missouri

A listener writes “I am Missouri, a small town. My husband saw a Bigfoot on Friday May 20 while driving in a rural Amish Community. We are from a small town where people are judgmental, we would like to remain publicly anonymous for the present time at least.”

Spoke to the husband who saw the creature. He later went down and took pictures of the area and captures tracks and other evidence. The interesting part is talking to the neighbors who live where he saw the creature. Take a listen:

7 Responses to “Upcoming Show: Encounter From Missouri”

  1. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Can’t wait for the show! I never knew there were Amish communities in Missouri. There are very large Amish communities in Pennsylvania. I’ve gone there years ago, and it’s fascinating to observe their lifestyle.

  2. Mark R

    We have a few Amish communities here in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. I live in the western central part and they have communities throughout my county and the county north and east of here. They stay out of debt and like to deal in cash though the local bulk food store just started accepting credit cards after 25 years. I haven’t gotten the scoop on that.

  3. Tina R

    This is one of my favorite gueats lol He is hilarious and so real. Brother curses more than me lol. We have to find humor in some of the most serious topics especially one that is so elusive and sadley unacknowledged by so many brilliant minds. He was a cool guest Wes and I like to believe God has a sense of humor too! Your the best Wes and so are your Guest! Tina Ryan

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