Apr 4

Encounter With A Sasquatch On Pikes Peak, Colorado

Stories from the Trail writes “I recently uncovered some disturbing footage from one of my earlier videos that showed a dark figure lurking in the trees above me. Upon further examination, I became more and more intrigued by what I had inadvertently captured. I decided to return to the area in order to see what clues I could find. I’m not sure I had a Bigfoot encounter, but what followed was pretty unnerving and hard to explain.”

13 Responses to “Encounter With A Sasquatch On Pikes Peak, Colorado”

  1. Lisa B

    Seemed like it was moving as it watched him. How many times do they do that to humans, right there under our nose, watching. And we are oblivious to it. Thanks for sharing this Wes!

  2. Renee S

    There’s no stride to speak of between the “footprints” & the shape of whatever he says is watching him is, well, almost too perfect. Just my observations.

  3. Linda B

    Ohhh man. That’s something I could never do. Mountain hike that late, and I was almost out there twice but canceled. Key-rap! No…thank…you. don’t go up there by yourself dude. They are large, you are not. Stay home. I had a mountain night hunt guide tell me, I’ve never lost a person yet . I looked at him like you would not even slow one down, you have divine help on the other side (protection), it is not you.

  4. theresa m

    So, he didn’t want to say the B word and he didn’t want to say the S word but together I’d say he could say the BS word. From the get go I figured this was fake. He shows him walking along down the flat area with a red circle around a grey figure. The entire time he is walking the figure does not move. Next, he shows the zoomed in area and the grey figure is moving. My eyes do not believe this is real at all. It is superimposed and he just lost me from there. The footprints are a joke. The stride is non-existent. Wes. Did you put this out here so we could see the other side of the sasquatch world, you know, the side that people try to put forth as authentic but is anything but? Then to top it off, the guy won’t look the camera in the face with any honest expression whatsoever. He is eyeballing the camera on all sides but straight on. Thanks for the few minutes of silliness on a lazy afternoon.

  5. Sharon K

    Who was manning the camera that actually took the video?? I am gonna have to say BS to this one… the fake prints were over the top and the supposed Sasquatch looked fake as well.

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