Jan 8

Encounter in Utah

A listener writes “Wes this sighting took place when I was a teenager. I’m fifty two now and I still remember it for the most part. Me and a buddy was on are way to are favorite fishing spot at the time. We lived near a dam. It was late summer.

So the dam was low which maybe accessing the inlet possible. Now above the inlet was miles of private land that connected to next dam that was located in the mountains. To access the inlet you had to hike down into the bottom and walk through bottom ground that is underwater in spring. Well we were crossing a fence on the high side and as I crossed over I looked ahead and below us toward are destination in the tall willows I saw something bent over low digging or scraping in the dirt. It was hairy reddish color. I stoped and was trying to figure out what I was seeing about that time my buddy looked and saw what I was looking at. At the same time the creature must have heard us. To this day I remember this point and will never forget it.

It stood straight up still with its back to us kind of turned a little glanced at us and took off running through the willows and brush up through the bottoms through crap so thick a man can’t get through. Just ripped right through it and disappeared. I’m pretty sure we saw a big foot. If you would like to talk or want more info email me.”

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  1. Mary D

    I moved to Utah from North Carolina ten years ago, lived in Provo for six years and now live in southern Utah–out in the middle of the desert. I brought my coondogs with me from North Carolina, and I was outdoors with them all the time. I had some freaky stuff happen to me in NC. I thought that I was safe from all that living in the Utah desert. My sweet old dogs passed and I have a young one now. She and I are training for a marathon at the moment, and we am always out on some remote trail. I never never never want to see one of these monsters out here. It’s true what everyone says about seeing one of them–it spoils your love for the outdoors. Like I said, I thought that I was safe here out in the desert.

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