Jan 8

Bigfoot Tony: “Bigfoot” in Provo

Bigfoot Tony takes a look at a video from Provo and does a size comparison.

2 Responses to “Bigfoot Tony: “Bigfoot” in Provo”

  1. SamSquanch

    I don’t even know where to start with how problematic this analysis is.

    There is no good way to determine how much further the top of the ridge is from the point where the control subject is. It could be 100 yards. Why they didn’t have the subject climb the ridge is beyond me.

    Given that the suspected sasquatch is roughly the same height as the control subject and the ridge is absolutely going to be further away, unless it was a sheer cliff climb from the area of the control subject to the top, I would say that the suspect subject is a fair amount taller.

    Doing my own quick scale analysis, although the available data isn’t good, just using the rough angle the guy in red is looking up the slope (~22degrees) and the relative height of both subjects in various frames, how far above the black subject is tot he red (approx 30feet higher), and assuming the guy in red is ~6′ tall, I would estimate the black figure is at least 70-100 feet further away than the guy in red, at the point it is on the ridge.

    That said, if the black figure and the red figure appear the same height and the black figure is 70-100 feet further back… Well, you do the math.

  2. Tom J

    I like Bigfoot Tony’s analytics usually but was disappointed in that this analysis seemed rather shallow. As Toby said here previously, the black figure is a good distance upslope from the red-jacketed figure below, and I visually judge that distance to be 200 or 300 feet, although that is quite obviously a guess. I agree with Toby that the investigator follow-up should have gone to the same spot, difficult as that may have been with mud, etc, as described. But in the absence of both figures being compared at the same spot, we can easily say that there would be a significant height differential between the two subjects with a distance of several hundred feet between them, and that isn’t a trivial point. It’s still not too late to visit the spot where the black subject was and estimate its height from the tree visible to its right. I believe the black figure’s height would probably pan out to be in the 7-8 foot range. Just a guess, of course.

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