Jan 9

Late night encounter in Parrish, Florida

Stacy writes “A family in Parrish, Florida has a late night encounter with the Skunk Ape.”

4 Responses to “Late night encounter in Parrish, Florida”

  1. Denise F

    Makes ya wonder why these things step out in between cars (instead of waiting) or in front of them?

    The witness does seem shook up, 😔

  2. Curtis R

    Son of a gun, 20 minutes down the road.
    If tall remember the episode by the guy near Myakka Florida, where his family had a camp and the creature chased him over a fence, that is close by. The Little Manatee river is also fairly close. Yes, there are lots of houses but also lots of dense semi tropical forests, swamps and wilderness too.
    I may need to go canoeing up some of the estuaries in the area and look around!

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