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What I Saw Was Completely Out Of The Ordinary

A listener writes “I lived in Alaska with my family when I was about 9 years old. My dad was in the Air Force and stationed at Eielson AFB, and we lived on base housing. Our housing complex however was right at the very edge of the wilderness- I have no idea what the place looks like now, but this was true, thick Alaskan wilds at the time. My backyard was a massive field about 200 meters across and the woodline beyond extended as far as the eye could see.

One night in winter I took the dog outside like I typically did to let her do her business. Our house was at the very edge of this part of the development, so I would go down the sidewalk to where it abruptly stopped at the edge of the massive field and let her do her stuff there. This night as I was waiting on her, I heard the sound of a helicopter in the distance. I ignored it because after all I did live on an Air Force base, but then I started seeing a light in the forest past the big field. As it drew nearer the sound of the helicopter got louder, and gradually I realized that this was a blackhawk helicopter with a spotlight aimed down into the forest.

The chopper was moving erratically, giving me the very strong impression that it was keeping something in its light- or trying to. I watched it zig zag back and forth a bit, and then the chopper seemed to dart ahead as it neared the edge of the tree line. Suddenly, with the chopper ahead of the tree line and the spotlight aimed down into the trees, something massive burst out of the treeline and into the snowfield.

This was a long time ago and I am aware of the way time distorts memories, so I won’t even estimate a size range except to say that it was so massive that the moment it hit that field, which had about 3 feet of snow on it, it sent up plumes of snow all over the place. In fact, it put so much snow into the air that it actually partially obscured the creature for me. It looked like a small explosion had taken place- though I didn’t hear any gunfire so I know it was the creature’s impact with the deep snow that caused this.

The creature ran around frantically trying to get out from under the spotlight, darting left and right. The chopper swung around crazily as well, and in hindsight I get the sense it was trying to ‘herd’ it back towards the woods and away from the housing complex. Finally, it plunged back into the forest and the chopper quickly disappeared from view pursuing it.

Because of distance and the sheer amount of snow it put into the air, it was difficult to see details. What I do remember is that the size of this creature was absolutely massive, but again I simply had nothing to estimate size with and as a child, I was a poor observer. I am confident it was much, much larger than any bear only because of the sheer amount of snow it put into the air as it thrashed around. The snow literally exploded into the air as the creature darted left and right trying to get out from under the helicopter.

It was also black in color, or at least very dark, and it’s difficult for me to remember clearly but on reflection I get the impression that it was alternating between running on all fours and on twos. If it made any sounds I couldn’t hear them over the roar of the helicopter engine and the blades.

What I remember most clearly is that after the creature and helicopter disappeared back into the woods, I rushed inside and ran straight to my dad to tell him. He immediately got very angry at me and told me I had no business being in those woods or on that field- which is absolutely bonkers because we’d lived there for about a year by now and I’d never once been told anything about staying away from that area. He didn’t even acknowledge what I told him, and since then he’s never mentioned it once.

I was planning on asking him about this incident over Christmas, but unfortunately I got Covid at my mom’s house and never made it to his. I’m tempted to ask him over the phone about it, but I think I really want to see his face when I ask him why he got angry at me that night, and what he knows about the incident.

I don’t know if I saw a mountain giant, or a massive Bigfoot, or the biggest black bear in recorded history- but I know that what I saw was completely out of the ordinary.”

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