Mar 25

Hidden Existence: Scott Carpenter

Bigfoot, Gray Aliens, Dogmen, Orbs, and other unknown creatures: What are they? Where do they come from? Who or what created them? Amateur Bigfoot researcher Scott Carpenter reveals his conclusions after six years of research and investigation. Scott presents you with the evidence: DNA, photographic, historical, eyewitness, and physical.

6 Responses to “Hidden Existence: Scott Carpenter”

  1. m99

    _think Steve’s position is called “An Outfitter”_

    Doesn’t this make you wonder, have these creatures been there all along? And it seems they’re cranking up, coming in closer, more and more. //

    Bless you Cary. Don’t be so glum chum! Also, this whole mess with the pandemic is really effecting everyone. Hope it’s over soon, to say the least. ///

    Man, I totally agree with your theory Scott, but until one is brought in, who can really say?

  2. Cathy S

    Scott is right on. Read his book and his proof is amazing. I agree we have all the proof we need to claim his existence but I believe the government can’t explain what they are from DNA proof so they cover it up. Same for it ufos. Good show.

  3. Charles R

    Sure enjoyed the interview with Scott. He is a wealth of information and has learned from all his encounters and activity. I appreciate him trying to help others come to grips with activity around their homesteads. I fully understand the possessive relationship a few folks have with these on their property, I would be the same. However I am thankful that Janice Carter came forward with her situation in the book ” 50 years with Bigfoot. Her Grandfather ( Robert Carter Sr. ) who had one on one conversations and fed them for so many years with Fox and Sheeba and their offspring took a great deal of knowledge with him to the grave.

  4. Janice K

    I have had too many experiences of things “beyond the veil” to not believe these are real. And yet this world we live in continuously tries to discredit the experiences of others who experience what is not supposed to be real. Thank you Wes, for helping us see.

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