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Crescent Valley, NV Sasquatch Encounter

highwayI had an experience the other night that is leaving me feeling a little crazy and confused. I however know I saw something and heard things I cant explain. After seeing markings on my SUV and reading online I have decided to share the experience with you. Maybe this will confirm my theory and help me feel like I am not insane.

Let me tell you about myself first. I’m 29 going to be 30 this month. I have 3 kids and I’m married to a wonderful down to earth woman. I’m originally from San Diego and moved to the Dayton area about 6 months ago so my wife could be closer to family and we could escape the rat race. I took a job as a mechanic for a mining company in the Elko area. I commute to Crescent Valley on my weeks on and come home on my weekends till we find a house closer to my work. Anyway I make this 4 hour drive about 6 times a month.

About 3 months ago I ran into a rash of car trouble in that area. So far I have had a tire shred on my truck that almost put me on its lid, a radiator blow apart on the same truck, a truck I borrowed lost an alternator there. Then this last time. I left Crescent Valley about 8 pm. I was talking to my wife on the phone when i ran out of gas. I usually make it to nearest gas station. I tried to get help for a few hours to no avail. Police said, “Tough.” and the local tow company would tow me but not bring me a gallon of gas to get into town and people stopping to see whats going on apparently isn’t allowed. They just get over and speed up.

Eventually a NHP officer pulled up and offered me a ride to the gas station, but then he had to leave while we were there so I had to walk back with my gallon of gas. Took about an hour and a half because I was cold due to not having proper attire. I put the gas in and tried to start the SUV. Now I’ve got a DEAD BATTERY. Again no help from law enforcement and the on-call tow operator was TOO LAZY TO GET OUT OF BED AND HELP.

Long story, ended up with my wife and myself just being hung up on. So I figured I’ll have to wait till I get a friend to wake up and come help. I tried to warm up best I could. No jackets, just 2 light blankets in the car and a balaclava from work. Did I mention my drivers window was stuck down? It was now low teens as far as temp. I’m laying in the drivers seat, when I feel the car rock side to side. Nothing had driven by and there were no cars for miles. I sit up and look around. Not a damn thing anywhere. Just dark and cold as hell. I light a cigarette and look around outside. I was just out there trying to flag down cars not 20 minutes before, and I saw nothing around.

No one had driven by in a while so I laid back down. I cruised my phone for a few and felt tired. Its 2:20 am. I’LL NEVER FORGET THAT TIME. I was on my side facing the passenger side. After I focused on the window, passed the glow of my phone, I saw a face in the window. Wasn’t human. Wasn’t a dog. Not anything I’ve ever seen. I could see the glow from the phone on it. I blinked, and it was gone. Shook my head and thought I was hallucinating because I was bordering on hypothermia. About 20 minutes later I wake up not knowing I was asleep and I lying flat. Over the hood, I see a figure. Same face I saw earlier, just darker. Then it was gone.

Wow! “I’m losing it.” I start thinking to myself. I feel very tired at this point, so I lay down again. Facing the drivers door I close my eyes. A few minutes later I have the feeling of a presence and open my eyes. There’s a figure at the open window just inches from my face! I don’t move, but look up and see it is above the car. This is a GMC Envoy SUV. I’m 6’4″ and barely can see over the top. I move, and it slips back behind the door so I cant see. Holy sh*t! I wasn’t hallucinating now. I saw something. I sat up and looked around. Stuck my head out the window. There was nothing there. Wow!

So I light a cigarette and sit up towards the steering wheel. Its so cold, I don’t even know what to compare it to. Still no help either by the way. A few trucks go by. I try too see anything in the headlights. Nothing. Looking at the center divide which is a ditch about 20 yards across., I see a dark mass that moved a little bit. I figured it a deer, or a bush. There are no bushes here though, so it’s not likely I see the only one and swear it just showed up. After seeing that I’m sitting looking out the windshield smoking and I hear a low gurgle talking sound. Never heard anything like it in my life. Almost like the predator was speaking gibberish while gargling. I look. There’s nothing there, and it came from the center divide. THAT WAS NOT EVEN QUESTIONABLE AS A FIGMENT OF THE IMAGINATION. I heard it. Few seconds later I hear it again but its louder and right at the front of the car. I dip my head out the window, and look but again, nothing was there.

Somewhere, I fell asleep again and was awoken by another NHP at 6:32 am who thought I was frozen to death. He helped me get going to fuel up and get home. Everything is fine and I get home OK.

Feeling a little weird from the cold experience but I’m still kicking. Now I can’t get what I saw out of my head. Can’t get what I heard out of my head.

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  1. Scott P

    I’ve heard of 2 similar encounters. One of which saved the man from hypothermia but, I’m not about to switch from guitar to flute. Only you know what happened and that’s ok. Most people here are here for the same reason. Deal with it the best you can. You’re not crazy.

      • Scott P

        Oh, gotcha. Is this the man that had BF Pooh spread around him in a circle to ward off predators ? If it’s the one I read, he re-gained consciousness long enough to see several marking a circle around him… that later pointed him downstream toward a rescue party or something ? I dunno, but it was a fantastic story. Maybe TOO fantastic but great all the same. If you really want to hear a good one Google ” a bigfoot named Tumac”. Bring a flute.

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