Reno police officer has sighting on Boundary Peak in Nevada

YEAR: 2004 SEASON: Summer MONTH: October STATE: Nevada COUNTY: Esmeralda County LOCATION DETAILS: It was about 1,000 feet S.E. of the peak to Boundary Peak Mt. NEAREST TOWN: Dyer Nevada NEAREST ROAD: Canyon Trail Rd. OBSERVED: I have been a police officer in Nevada for over 19 years. In 2004 two of my college roommates… Read more »

Crescent Valley, NV Sasquatch Encounter

I had an experience the other night that is leaving me feeling a little crazy and confused. I however know I saw something and heard things I cant explain. After seeing markings on my SUV and reading online I have decided to share the experience with you. Maybe this will confirm my theory and help… Read more »