Jan 10

Creepy Sounds Captured in an Abandoned Mine

Joe posted this in the confessionals podcast group on facebook. He writes “What’s your thoughts on this noises start at about the 12 minute mark for those who don’t care about seeing old mines.”


I figured I would post it for the members. You guys and gals always seem to figure stuff like this out. To me it sounds like voices. What does it sound like to you? Remember to skip ahead to about the 12 min mark.


34 Responses to “Creepy Sounds Captured in an Abandoned Mine”

  1. Tom A

    I would not have handled those whispers as well as Frank did. That was wayyyy tooo creepy for to ever be doing any old mine exploring. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Denise F

    First off, I would POSSIBLY go into an abandoned mine on a warm, sunny day but never on a stormy, dark night!

    My next thought is “oh hell no” with the chanting, whispering things 😮

    Bad ass flashlight tho 😉 and cool tour of the mine.

  3. LaVonne J

    Would I venture to explore or test a flashlight🔦in a 150 year old mine on a dark stormy night? Uh, no! ⚰

    Sounded at first like “it/they” 👻 were saying “faster, faster” as he was leaving. Then “get out, get out, get out”.💀 I’d be making tracks…..that ‘portal/entrance’ would be twice as big when I exited!😲

    Is there any way to remove or separate his voice sound over the whispers? I’m sure he was frightened, but I wish he’d been quiet and listened and recorded! Yeah, I can say that even though I wasn’t there, because HE’S the one who ventured out on a dark and stormy night to an abandoned mineshaft….that someone probably died in. It’s the same thing he’d probably say to us when we’re traipsing through the National Forest in dead of night and wonder why our pics aren’t perfect and why the Sasquatch didn’t pose and say “cheese”, or ran off when we got closer….or why we were so nervous our hands were shaking trying to get the snap that everyone wants. 😁 😁

  4. Glenda M

    Wow, that was definitely creepy. I checked out the youtube comments. One directed us to look at 12:40 to see a figure appear on the right wall. You can kinds see it. Creepy. I can’t believe he kept his composure as well as he did.

  5. Rick C

    I saw this before and my response was, Dude, your balls are bigger than your brain. This type of behavior is neither smart nor safe, not to mention DAMN SCARY!

  6. Debbie C

    Wow! Those whispering voices, sound like chanting.
    Why did he feel he had to investigate an abandon mine
    to show how his torch light lights up?
    Scary place to be all alone or even with someone!

  7. Janetta V

    Wow Wes, this was creepy spooky all in one. I just love people to explore scary old mines. But as for me, I am staying safely behind my laptop to watch others be brave. Thank you.

  8. Eva B

    Yeah, this guy goes into mines a lot. He’s been chased out more times than none. One video with the chains moving… no cracks for air and these chains are swinging! Haunted! Cool!!!

  9. Charles R

    I am going to guess that some time in the past some miner(s) died in this mine, they of course were very unsafe places to work. I agree with creepy. Wish he had just went silent when the voice(s) started, but I understand his wanting to just get out.

  10. Ben H

    Or some local kids saw his lights heading to the mine and ran up to the opening of the vent shaft he walked under and yelled down it to mess with him!
    Or it’s ghosts. Either way, I would have beaten myself senseless trying to scramble out of that hole!!

  11. Matthew A

    Well I took the liberty of slicing the video up and and enhancing the audio and slowing the speed and even reversing some of the clips. I selected the sections where it was quiet enough to hear the whispers clearly. I wondered if perhaps it was due to the storm and openings elsewhere creating the effect and it was changing based on wind speeds pushing into the cavities that reached the mine. However, they do indeed sound like some type of words. Though for me unintelligible – there was only one word that sounded distinctively like the word “yes”. You should be able to see and hear the broken down version here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lD7_PmGpNbFcT_ZgnxY5SH7L0fC7BCv6/view?usp=sharing

    I then proceeded to listen to sound effects that may explain a potential hoax as it sounds like it could possibly be an audio overlay. I found some on itunes that may match what is heard that you can find here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/scary-whispers-ghosts-horror-sound-effects/359855639

    Check out numbers: 19, 20, 26 and 27 among all the others. One cant help but wonder if it is indeed hoaxed.

    Like many unknown phenomena that cannot be yet proven because of circumstance and lack of evidence we have to take his word, so for now, I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

  12. Rita S

    Foolhardy adventure! Those old mines could collapse at any moment…….not withstanding whatever was making those whispering noises! I’d have surely knocked myself out trying to get out of there!

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