Jan 10

A strange encounter

A listener writes “I had a strange encounter this past thanksgiving. It was very confusing to me and I am searching for someone to talk to. At first I thought it was a dogman but im not sure. Some things about it dont add up..I feel like im losing my mind.. I know that your a Sasquatch guy but im guessing you have heard of a lot of crazy things.. can you offer some advice on who I could talk to about my encounter. I am really upset over this and I dont know what I saw or what to expect..The encounter was at my home. I am afraid to leave for work each morning and come home at night.

Spoke to the witness and she has agreed to come on the show. She said “I do not know what it was. It was tall but very muscular. It was standing on the other side of our car port. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me so I got out of the car. It had a snout like a dog but it wasn’t as pronounced as a dogs would be. It was standing like a man. The eyes really upset me. It was looking at me with its mouth open. It never moved and I ran into the house. Since this event I cannot get my mind off of what I saw. I have been searching for answers and I don’t think it was a Sasquatch or a Dogman. It had ears on top of its head but they were not really that big.”

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  1. Denise F

    Bless her heart. Many witnesses talk about a Dogman sighting and “it’s mouth was open”. These sightings are super scary.

    Very interested in hearing her encounter.

  2. Glen K

    (new Jersey) This poor girl feels like she’s losing her mind, is really upset, and is afraid to leave the house!! Look, up in the sky- it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Wes Germer! Glad she got in touch with Wes, and looking forward to the show.

  3. Janetta V

    Dear girl, like said above, put on the whole armor of God, and if you ever see this thing again, command it to go away in the name of Jesus, and it has too. No name is greater. Do it like you mean it.

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