Feb 24

Covered in brown hair and ran like a person

A listener writes “I’ve not had an encounter but my daughter told me about 1 her, my son-in-law and a friend of theirs had. She told me about this around Christmas 2014.

My wife and I were talking to my daughter and my son-in-law had come home from work, after him being there for a couple of minutes she looks at my son-in-law and says “tell dad about what we saw, he won’t make fun of you and will probably believe it.” This obviously perked my interest and being like any God fearing parent expecting it to be the worse thing I could imagine, they’d become swingers. Luckily it wasn’t that. Back to the story, they live in southern OK about 50 miles from the Texas line just off 35(also about 50 miles north of Brown Springs Rd).

My daughter and son-in-law lived with his parents out in the middle of nowhere off State Rd 7 west of Davis, OK and the house sat about a quarter mile off the road. They were coming home 1 night and turned down the drive and was a third of the way down the drive something came out from the treeline on the right and with it’s stride the it’s foot came down about 3/4 across the drive way. He said the headlights hit it and he assumed it to be at least 7′ tall, maybe taller, also said he didn’t really get a good look at it’s head because it was out of the light of his head lights.

It raced across the field on the left side of the drive. He said it was there and gone in like 2 seconds. What they did see though when the headlights hit was it was covered in brown hair and ran like a person. They told his parents about it and they were quickly dismissed them which kind of surprises me because my son-in-law’s stepmom is Native American and into her heritage. I talked to his dad and he said they all 3 imagined it and I asked how all 3 could imagine the exact same thing. He muttered something about how silly it all was and thought I had more sense than that.

There’s a couple of ways to look at his reaction, 1 of which is that he knows something and doesn’t want to talk about it or he just thinks they were “plumb loco”. I’ve tried to talk about this with my daughter as recently as last Christmas and she does not want to talk about it. That’s only time that they saw anything, they don’t live out in the boondocks anymore and have not seen anything since then.”

3 Responses to “Covered in brown hair and ran like a person”

  1. Avis B

    Some times not knowing is better than knowing.. Well they think that at least.. Until you take them on that fake picnic where bigfoot is every where and making a scene.. they will become believes real fast..

  2. David R

    That’s the way some people are. Even if their best friend seen one up close they wouldn’t believe. Even if a Game Warden told them they were on their property they would probably laugh at them!

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