Feb 24

Mountain Beast Mysteries: “Bigfoot is pissed”

Very interesting if you go to about the 8:06 mark and start watching. MBM writes “In today’s video I go over the “Bigfoot is pissed” footage from Eastern Texas! Some seriously creepy stuff in my opinion.”

Here is the screen capture after the rock is thrown


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    • Wes

      Yeah everyone calls this guy a fake. I don’t buy it…he posts LONG videos but if you watch them he captures some really good stuff. I agree Jonathan, Robert has some brass balls.

  1. Tamsin D

    Predators have front facing eyes. Most bears would run and a Mountain Lion would be crouching down. What ever that was; dropped down some distance towards the ground.

  2. william g

    Mr.Dodson has been ridiculed on youtube over the years for his methods and proof,but he brings far more to the table than Coonbo and Bear or a lot of these other talk show folks.

  3. Kelly W

    The eye shine.. then it drops so far.. but if you watch close enough.. you can see it blink, and sometimes its only one eye as if only one eye is more bothered by the light than the other… thats what gave me the creeps

  4. Tom J

    I’d bet he could take you along and make a believer out of you. Sure, the resolution and lighting leave a lot of questions but the action doesn’t seem to be what a hoaxer would be satisfied with after all the trouble to set it up. It looks just subtle enough to be true. I got the feeling it is pretty much what a bigfoot being pursued with light might do. But, as someone else has already said, what do i know?

  5. Stacey H

    Been following Robert Dodson for years, and still following! He actually has pics of these things. Sometimes he doesn’t even know he got them on camera, and one of us finds it hiding by slowing down the video. They hide very well because they are fast as hell, then hold stilll til they think all is clear.
    Robert may not be a degreed researcher, but he’s a damn good guy and I haven’t caught him fabricating anything.

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