Feb 25

Upcoming Show: It entered our home

A listener writes “Hi Wes, I’m a new listener to the podcast and was just listening to EP 243 where you asked if Bigfoot can sound like a laughing child. I heard this exact kind of giggling of more than one child and the singing of a song sounding very much like the tune of ring-around-the-rosie which then led directly into a scream like I’d never heard in my life. This happened right outside our bedroom window as we shut off the light.

Only recently have I come to finally understand that Bigfoot would harass my 3 year old son by peering at him through the bedroom window and tapping on the window to gain his attention. My son said the Bigfoot enjoyed it very much when my son would crash his Tonka trucks together. The creature would then quietly make sounds of amusement and become excited and wait for my son to repeat the action.

While I didn’t know that “there’s a man with long hair out my window” was a Bigfoot at that time, I know it now. My little guy just didn’t have the language to tell me exactly what he was seeing, only that he was scared of it. Several times he came to get me saying that the man with long hair was out on the road or out the bedroom window, but I didn’t get a look at it. My son told me recently “I think he wanted me to go with him”. He’s reluctant to talk about because it’s frightening to recall. He did tell me it looked like a really tall gorilla. Not black in color, but dark brown with a pointy head.

We now believe the creature entered our home on the 3rd day we lived there. My husband would leave every morning between 5:30-6 a.m. I was home with our three kids, 2 girls ages 8 and 5 and our son, 3.

I woke one morning to find large muddy prints that started at my front door, tracked down the hallway to enter each bedroom, then trail back up the hall to the living-room where it uprooted my potted palm plants and picked all the peppers from my ornamental pepper plant. There were no peppers left at all. The prints did a circuit of my living room then left the way it came. The front door stood wide open.

I blamed my husband and called him at work to chew him out. Poor guy was so confused!
See, the prints were so large I assumed they had come from my husbands work boots which are much like logging boots. Bigfoot wasn’t even on my radar at that time, even though we lived in the Ozark Mtns, on Beaver Lake, only a stones throw from the War Eagle (Bigfoot/monster reports going way back) area in NW Arkansas.

We even had a weird experience the first night we spent in the house. Now that I’ve heard these creatures imitate sounds I believe this is what happened the first night.

We had every weird Bigfoot activity happen to us at that house. Rocks thrown onto the roof, window taps, weird calls and screams from the woods at night. I’d even hear the flipping doorbell ringing but the sound came from outside.

We’re still recalling all the weird things we ignored so easily. We listen to the podcast and exclaim to each other “remember when that happened?”

This email is embarrassing to write because I feel kind of dumb for not catching on at the time even though we believed in Bigfoot!

My Native American grandma (Yankton Sioux-tribe) told me stories about them when I was little. She said they would watch them come down from the trees along the Missouri River in South Dakota. She told of how several Bigfoot trapped them at the home of friends her family was visiting. Anyway, that’s part of what we experienced”

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  1. Steven B

    Coming into your home and checking the bedrooms is really creepy and terrifying all at the same time. Having something that big in closed quarters is horrifying if encountered. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe and may God watch over you.

  2. Martin Z

    Does anyone think that sasquatch is so fascinated with young children to maybe replace a dead one from a female mother sasquatch?? Just a thought, I don’t know if it holds water but it’s just a thought.

    • m99

      Hi Tony,

      What do you mean it sounds like a demon? I thought a demon is a ‘disembodied spirit’ that wanders around looking for a place to inhabit (some say, a fit extention). Do you mean it was a Bigfoot or some other creatures that was at the same time ‘possessed’ or ‘ inhabited’ by a demon?

      Just wondering what you mean. Thanks. _m

  3. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an encounter quite like that. Maybe entering someone’s garage, but not coming through the front door and taking a tour of the house! Can you imagine stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night to be greeted by that!? Looking forward to the show!

  4. Linda P

    Your son may have ptsd and if so it may help him to talk about it or talk to someone who has the same experiences…I know there is a listener on here who has because it was on a show i heard..sorry i can not remember which one but the squatch was coming up to the childs window all the time at night…my cousin told me she and her sister saw a hairy hand on the screen in the bedroom window one night and i believe her..they are def. window peakers…

  5. Pat T

    This sounds like a great show Wes, thanks again for the quality you keep bringing, I sure hope this three year old isn’t traumatized for life because of this thing. My house would be on the market the next day if I found out it had entered the night before.

  6. Sid N

    Since it entered the home, and modern ceilings are around 8’, and it was delighted by the child and toys, I’m wondering if it was a younger one, not fully grown in size? What a potential for disaster had someone awakened that night! Perhaps the only thing that prevented the taking of the 3 year old by the Sasquatch was the cuffing around the ears he would have gotten by the older ones in the group! I take it they no longer live in that house? I imagine someone has again been experiencing similar happenings on that property!

  7. Gumshoguy

    Wes, couple things first please ask the witness for date this occurred, that’s very important. It lends credibility to the reports separating it from a story to a report.

    Secondly, I am providing some interesting facts on a few components derived from this report:

    Forced Entry 40
    Watching Kids 520
    Window Peeping 693

    I read and study Sasquatch reports from all over North America and the number of those I’ve gone through is somewhere between 40-50,000. The number of times a Sasquatch has reportedly entered (and they do) a dwelling is about 40 times and probably much higher since there instances of the animal trying door knobs or windows that aren’t included or classify as forced entry per se.

    The number of reported instances of BF peeping in windows is extraordinarily high and the number of reported instances of Sasquatches watching children specifically is even disquieting.

    Personally, I don’t wouldn’t want the beast looking, breathing, touching or in the close proximity of my children or others … just my personal preferences.

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