Jun 5

Conspiracy Corner EP: 02 Philip Schneider

UPDATE: The show is available, Tonight we wrap up our conversation about Philip Schneider with Part Two of The Mysterious Life and Death of Philip Schneider. The show starts around the 8min mark but I wanted to include a longer intro to give me information on the life and death of Philip Schneider.

Tonight’s topic: The Mysterious Life and Death of Philip Schneider
Phil Schneider died in 1996. Previous to his death he had been on tour across the United States speaking out about various subjects including his involvement with building a secret underground base in Dulce, New Mexico for the military. During this time, he said to have had an encounter with a violent E.T race in the late 1970′s which would change his whole world reality immediately after.

Tonight we discuss the possible Nazi connection with Operation Paperclip, who was Philip Schneider’s father and have you ever wonder why not one Japanese officer was convicted of a war crime? If you liked part one hang on tight for part two.

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  1. Kathy S

    Hmmmm… hope you get it up soon… I’m really anxious to hear it, been refreshing the home page every 30 minutes or so all day :O Probably should turn off my pc then look forward to it tomorrow 😉 Sorry you’re having trouble with it.

  2. Spanky

    Watching it now on YouTube. I knew about this guy several yrs ago. Like I’ve said before this is the tip of the iceberg. This NWO stuff is nothing to take lightly. They have been planning our demise for a long time. Why do you think everything America stands for is crumbling ? It’s all a well developed plan yrs in the making. America is falling just like Rome fell. And it’s all happening at lightning speed. The sheeple are asleep. Our government has been taken over by traitors. Communists fascists. The real name is technocrats. Our country is over. And most do not even see it coming. We’re being poisoned through our skies and food. Eugenics. Our borders are obsolete. There bringing in thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants and JIHADISTS. The ONlY thing that can save our country is a mass awakening. But I believe it’s too late. Our country has thousands of foreign fighters already here. The United nations are HERE on American soul! What does all of this tell you?

    • Jerry B

      I agree, I myself became enlightened about 12 years ago…….check out the commitee of 300 and how big oil conquered the world on the Corbett report

    • Diana A

      Its telling u to let go of fear, anger, revenge and start treating everyone like you want to be treated. I am a Cali first people of America and my ancestors have been living with the eneny for many generations. Get use to it.

    • Gail d

      Very true Shannon most do not see what the bible spoke about two thousand years ago about a NWO. I have been trying to talk to my family for quite a while and they call me a conspiracy theorist. Our government does not care how many of us die a smaller population is easier to control. Very interesting account of Mr Schneider great show.

    • Ray R

      How true you are, they have got the American sheeple all dumbed down, watch Iron Mountain 2, I seen it back in the early 90’s, it still might be on youtube not sure.

    • Mark B

      Shannon, I agree with you, it’s no longer subtle changes in the country,now their just being blatant about it. When up is down, wrong is right, truth has become subjective. There are no longer any absolutes. We are the perverbial frog in the pot of water thinking everything is fine as the water slowly comes to a boil.
      This is not an invitation for rebuttal but Revelations of the bible is scary stuff and we say how can things ever get that bad, well folks keep watching and you’ll see for yourself. And for you people who don’t put any stock in the bible, I don’t really care.

  3. john m

    Operation High Jump is the mission with Admiral Byrd to the ant arctic and in his on mission notes claims to have been attacked by Flying Saucers and forced back.

  4. Jay Carlsen

    Well I think you are Getting Closer to answering WHO the Nephilim are Today ! As Do Not the Extra Biblical Text tell of How these Fallen & their Offspring were Imprisoned Underground ? ( or under a River ? or Under something ? ) And before the End , Would find a way Out ? & having Given Up on their First Estate ? Go about now , with Horrible Faces.
    Are These “extra” Beings , Actually The same Individuals ?
    Are the Vehicles seen with such “extra” Beings only Technology of another kind ? That We do Not Yet Know or understand?
    Who Know’s ?
    But Isn’t It Funny ? How the Rocket Scientist Jack Parsons & & the Founder of Scientology conducted a Ceremony of ‘Babylon Working’ at the Site that would Become Groom Lake ? Area 51 .
    And Did you Also Know ? That this Rocket Scientist Jack Parsons & Kenneth Arnold were in Roswell New Mexico ( The Same Kenneth Arnold who had Seen the Silver Disk , Skipping Across the Sky by Mount Rainier ? The Same who Coined the Term Flying Saucer ?)
    Did You Know an Abduction Experience can Be STOPPED ? By calling on the Lord. ( They can. These “extra” Beings can not Deny the SON of Man )
    [ Isn’t THAT Crazy ?]

  5. tom m

    What about this group? They are all refusing to take the New World Freedom chip, sir. Idiots! OK. Load up as many as you can on that buss, and that buss over there. They will be driven to the reptilian compound by Homeland Security. Take what’s left and put them in the dogman cages. When you are done with that, meet me at the mess and we ‘ll have a beer. Thank you, sir.

  6. Brad C

    I, watched Philips story 20 years ago, found it very compelling, being a 2 time Bigfoot sight seer, nothing shakes me no more, it is what it is

  7. Jonny N

    Big market here. You can’t ignore that. This show will sell. There is a big chunk of the market that will gobble it up.
    I would like to see a 3rd show, call it “ufo chronicles” make it just like the sasquach chronicles with people calling in with their encounters.(believable). Keeping the tone at a conservative level. ” Nobody knows for sure if aliens or UFO’s exist but these encounter stories make you stop and think.”.
    Just an idea. 🙂

    • Wes

      Luis, 99.99% of my time and focus is on Sasquatch. This conspiracy corner show only take about 1% of my time and it’s meant to just be extra content of strange stories.

      • Luis S

        Wes u r awesome at squatch stuff this extra content is kinda lame. I am not the only one who feels that way but some people like it I respect that to but I joined SAS chron if ugo to a pizza shop I don’t want a burger. U r a big dog now get think skinned u r gonna need it don’t forget my compliment take the good with the bad from your paying customers like me success can be bittersweet

    • Diana A

      I agree too. I listen to other shows for those subjects.. George Noreys got it and has great connections. His credibility has been built up for many years. Wes, because of your documented and intelligently relayed bf encounter, that is where your credibility is strong. GN has nothing on you when it comes to bigfoot.

      • Martin Z

        George Noory is an idiot with no interest in his job. George could never fill Art Bells shoes. George Noory constantly interrupts and derails his guests. George should take some lessons on listening to the guest like Wes does. I love the way Wes lets the guest speak his encounter without interruptions. I personally like to listen to Clyde Luis on Ground Zero. Clyde is very informative when it comes to the shadow government.

  8. m99

    ~Good to know…. Daniel 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

  9. WALT D

    Thanks once again for the special show. I found a article on nuclear powered tunnelers on the moon in a issue of UFO Magazine July 1999. Ill send you some info Wes if you would like.

  10. Jay Carlsen

    Oh let them Cry about Content . Who puts this together ? You ( Wes ) or Them? Do what you Do – & I will still be Listening !
    ( I have since had my Subscription come Due. & was Forced by Circumstance to wait 2 weeks to Straighten this Out) ( Yeah – Those Children were Stealing my Sasquatch Chronicles Money ! Cashing in My Pop Bottle Returnables ! AND BUYING CANDY ! )
    But Now , when I did Re- Up ? I found I have 2 Accounts ? That I have been Paying on ? Should I delete one ? & if So How ?

  11. Danny H

    Wes, I feel like we all want to know what sasquatch is and that’s why these conspiracy shows are vital. Like anything else, we need to go to the source for accurate information. In this case I truly believe the US government is the lynch pin.

  12. christian s

    Man, I love Sasquatch Chronicles!!! With the new “Conspiracy Corner”, I am happy to cancel my Coast to Coast subscription and just listen to Sasquatch Chronicles!

  13. Amanda M

    Very interesting, I’ve never heard of any of this before. I like how you have this on YouTube as well so we can see the video of the guy and the tapes and photos, adds a lot to the credibility of the story. I like how this isn’t just focusing on aliens but about the government and what they are doing covertly.

    • Duke S

      That’s exactly where we want the focus to be, on what our government may have been up to, rather than “Alien” stuff all the time. There may be a strong case that all these observed unknown aircraft may actually all be human constructs and that the technology for it has been around since the 1930’s. The CIA recently claimed that all the “flying saucers” spotted in the 1950’s and 1960’s were, in fact, secret tests of U.S. aircraft projects, and not alien spaceships.

  14. Vince B

    Ignore this Jerry B guy. I’m interested in this other stuff too as long as it’s based in facts. This doesn’t need to be “only” sasquatch stuff. Keep up the great work Duke and Wes!!

    • Vince B

      Apparently not only just Jerry B….wow…paying 7 dollars a month and trying to limit Wes’s content based out of their own interests and skeptisms. Go away please.

  15. Dana L

    I like the show. As Wes said it’s just a nice diversion once in awhile. Don’t really know what to think on the story. I just think if our government wanted to rub someone out it would’t take them 13 attempts. You would also think an alien race with advanced technology would have won a war against us started in 1979 by now.

  16. Doug S

    Hey Duke…if you haven’t already, you may reach out to Steven Quayle…y’all have a lot of the same interests…giants, conspiracies, etc.

  17. Jay h


  18. Justin P

    Hey, Wes. Have you checked out any of Steven Greer’s stuff, such as the Disclosure Project, his Sirius documentary (over 100 top CIA, military, gov’t employees coming out on video), and his CE-5 protocols? All my life, up until 2 years ago, I was uncertain of ET phenomenon, and even quite skeptical, given all the BS that is out there, but then I stumbled upon his videos. This guy is the real deal and probably the most genuine “researcher” out there. Really, he is more of an official representative. He’s got military generals landing in his yard in helicopters, he briefs presidents (because many of them are not privy to this ET info) and military officials, etc. My first roommate in Portland was friends with him and worked on his project–not that this needs to be corroborating–his statements, videos, and activities and talks pretty much speak for themselves. Additionally, he has created a protocol (CE-5) to actually vector in craft! I thought this was kind of a sham at first, but then I tried it! It effin’ works. Let me know if you’d like me to take you up to the UFO ranch near Mt. Adams and show you! My wife thought I was nuts until I vectored in a craft. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it’s quite extraordinary. Email me or message me if you want additional info. Thanks, Wes. I love what you’re doing and glad to see you are adding this component to your work, man. Keep it up.

  19. Leah G

    Isn’t the number 47? 47 Clearance Levels ABOVE the US President.

    How about the UN Treaty of 1992 that makes void our US Constitution? All done in the name of The New World Order. The goal is to eliminate 2/3 of the world’s population. Our food chain is poisoned with pesticides, GMO’s, etc., There’s been a cure for cancer for decades – but only big money made by treating the symptoms…..
    Check out how many FEMA camps there are, and military equipment not painted for desert duty, but being trucked all over the US for when the small, powerful group(s) can declare and enforce martial law…..
    We’re all so apathetic, sick, and lazy….we’re just where we serve the elite power structure the best..a bunch of sitting ducks in a barrel.

    • Andrew B

      you’re so right. Way to damned many Americans are reading ‘breaking news’ on Yahoo about what some dipshit Kardashian said, or watching Jerry Springer reruns.
      In case you haven’t seen them, I would recommend the Jesse Ventura series “Conspiracy Theory” – they’re on youtube. Very interesting. And there is one about the FEMA stuff.

  20. Derek R

    Wes, I really liked the show. I was just wondering if you could get with Duke and do a series on the giants in America. You told a story awhile ago about a hunter who came across a giant, the hunter estimated he was about 18ft. tall.and the giant had tusks. That Stuff is do intriguing. Also if you could ask Duke if he could maybe look into Using the Name of Jesus Christ to stop an alien abduction. I’ve head story’s about people saying the Name of Jesus in the alien presents and they all stop what their doing


    Well said, Shannon S.!!!!!
    As for “Operation Paper Clip” and many of the other cold war, and post WW2 programs, they are far worse than people even know, in fact some of it is almost unspeakable when you find out they experimented on our own soldiers and citizens.

    Wes and Duke, keep up the great work!!! Keep shining the light on this stuff!!

  22. Duke S

    Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for the kind words! The general public needs to be awoken to what may really be going on in the background, and if we can get people to start looking into these things on their own, they will wake up, and hopefully wake others up as well. We all need to stand together knowing the truth, or we will hang separately believing the lies…

  23. deborah m

    Loved this stuff. Duke is a very knowledgeable passionate about this. I think these shows would be a success. The book Operation Paperclip sounds like my next read. Its all very scarey stuff but something thats worth a look at. Keep them coming, most enjoyable listen. Cheers to you all

  24. Andrew R

    I haven’t listened to any of the newer SC episodes because I’m catching up on some older ones so you might have already mentioned when we can expect episode 3 of conspiracy corner but I haven’t heard anything. When can we expect it?

  25. Mike H

    Great show, but…I have a problem with one of the things “Duke” said, as well as something Phil Schneider said multiple times.

    First, Duke talked about the earth’s gravity making it impossible for a human to withstand the maneuvers performed by the actions made by flying saucers, and that there was a personal “gravity bubble” encasing the people on the ships.

    It isn’t gravity which causes damage during changing velocity and trajectory. It is inertia which will cause the damage. Inertia exists anywhere there is mass and change in motion. It wouldn’t be a gravity bubble. It would be some kind of inertial dispersion or damper system protecting the people on the ship.

    As far as Mr. Schneider… He repeatedly referred to a magazine in his firearm as a “clip” during his speech. This is not a mistake a high-level member of the military would make – even moreso a military scientist who’s job it is to be detailed and specific about everything.

    I’m not saying I believe nor disbelieve this story. However, these things cause me to question the authenticity of these people.

  26. Frank T

    I subscribed recently and I’m working my way through these episodes from beginning to end. I think people all over the world have been lied to by the media and governments in the past and they still are. I believe we were lied to about the first and second world wars. M. S. King has a two volume set of books called “Planet Rothschild” that I’ve believe gives a more honest account of that history than what we’ve been led to believe. The books can be found here. https://www.amazon.com/Planet-Rothschild-Forbidden-1763-1939-1763-2015/dp/1514877821

    Germany was fighting against the new world order and they lost. General George Patton figured that out at the end of the second world war and said we’d been fighting on the wrong side. He was murdered to shut him up. Dwight Eisenhower murdered well over a million german prisoners of war after Germany surrendered in WWII. This has been written about in a book by Thomas Goodrich called “Hellstorm” and can be found here. https://www.amazon.com/Hellstorm-Death-Nazi-Germany-1944-1947/dp/1494775069

    The Bolsheviks in Russia murdered millions upon millions of their own people and FDR who was an admirer of Stalin helped him destroy Germany. Miron Dolot wrote a first hand account of what happened in Russia with the murder of millions of christian farmers in the “Holomodor” that you never hear about. I believe Hitler knew what Stalin and the Bolsheviks were up too and also knew Germany was next on their list. It can be found here. https://www.amazon.com/Execution-Hunger-Holocaust-Miron-Dolot/dp/0393304167

    Dennis Wise has a series of 21 fifteen minute video’s that cover a lot of what the New World order is about and I believe it is well done and can be viewed for free at this link. http://communismbythebackdoor.tv

    I think if people will take an honest look at the information in the links I’ve posted above you’ll come away with a better understanding of what has been going on in the world and what the people behind the New World Order have planned for us.

  27. JOHN R

    Regarding the statement “not one Japanese officer was convicted of a war crime…” Read “Flyboys” (2003) by James Bradley which provides a disturbing look into what the Japanese officers and soldiers did to 9 captured American aircrew members trying to bomb the radio towers on heavily defended Chichi Jima, a small rock of an island south of Japan, that provided the mainland a means to communicate to troops throughout the Pacific. It was a suicide mission at best for Naval aviators. George HW Bush was the only lucky survivor of those who were shot down. The results of their war crimes… resulted in “30 Japanese soldiers court-martialed on Guam and four officers (Maj. Matoba, Gen. Tachibana, Adm. Mori and Capt. Yoshii) found guilty and hanged.” The reason no one commonly knows about Japanese war crime trials is that the extent of the attrocities (including beheadings and canibalism which was not uncommon for their military culture… “eating the enemy’s heart and liver gave them courage in battle”… they insisted) that the records of these trials were sealed for over 50 years to prevent retaliation against Japanese Americans (who we know weretreated harshly) and the masses of Japanese civilians who arguably lost a great deal at the hands of the leaders. Even the families of these men only knew these young men “died in battle.” Imagine learning what really happened to your brave son at the hands of these officers? Bradley happened into this story or it is likely we would have never found out Still, little is said about it today.. It is uncertain how many other war crime trials may have taken place unbeknownst to us up to this day.

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Jun 5

Conspiracy Corner EP: 02 Philip Schneider

Update: I am still rendering the file, my system crashed last night while rendering this show. I will try to get it up on the site today in between the show today.

Tonight we wrap up our conversation about Philip Schneider with Part Two of The Mysterious Life and Death of Philip Schneider

Tonight’s topic: The Mysterious Life and Death of Philip Schneider
Phil Schneider died in 1996. Previous to his death he had been on tour across the United States speaking out about various subjects including his involvement with building a secret underground base in Dulce, New Mexico for the military. During this time, he said to have had an encounter with a violent E.T race in the late 1970′s which would change his whole world reality immediately after.

Tonight we discuss the possible Nazi connection with Operation Paperclip, who was Philip Schneider’s father and have you ever wonder why not one Japanese officer was convicted of a war crime? If you liked part one hang on tight for part two.

29 Responses to “Conspiracy Corner EP: 02 Philip Schneider”

  1. MONTE M


    Worlds largest mass UFO sighting

  2. MONTE M

    The Phoenix lights events were the worlds largest mass UFO sighting and cover up .
    This is significant since it slowly hovered over a major metropolitan area and was witnessed by thousands of people . First mocked by the AZ Governor then after he was out of office admitted seeing it himself and that it was massive , amazing and otherworldly . The only known video taken was snuffed out and the citizen who filmed it was a Vet who then disappeared .
    The same thing would happen if thousands of people witnessed a Bigfoot . The Govt would not acknowledge it and make it “never happened ” just like they did with The Big Thicket Watch guys ” torn up camp video ” coverup in wich their video of the ” torn up camp ” was taken down off of their Utube account and they and their family members were harassed by the “men in black “

  3. Jacqueline O

    Wes, thank you for all the extra content! In the past I would anxiously await each show, but now I find it difficult to find the time…lol!

    Also, (just my 2 cents), you should ask YOURSELF which direction to go regarding the conspiracy theories…
    If you choose to go that direction you may loose credibility amongst the sasquatch community, however, it may be a very lucrative opportunity for you?
    If not, you may disappoint some fans (perhaps many based on the comments), but also gain more respect from those who are passionate about sasquatch and would like more credibility?
    There are dozens and dozens of shows dedicated to gov. conspiracies, aliens, etc. but much less on bigfoot; and, yes, the two subjects are intertwined but there is always that fine line…either way you will loose and/or gain fans…

    It’s a double-edged sword, and I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision…good luck!

    • Jacqueline O

      Another point…many of these stories have an element of truth to them and do indeed have a fact-based origin; however, over time they have been exaggerated, embellished, bedazzled, twisted, turned backward, upside down, inside out, thrown to-and-thro, back-and-forth, up-and-down, chewed up, spit on, stepped on, beat black and blue, and squeezed through a meat grinder only to be blindly re-assembled by both brilliant intellects and dim-wited, loud-mouth, ass clowns! BTW, I am NOT referring to anyone here…I know how we like to make assumptions and get lost in translation… 🙂

      The government has us exactly where they want us…confused and passing along the ever-evolving stories they want us to discuss! If there are any gov. officials quietly watching this site then mission accomplished…oh, and “Hi”.

      I HATE to point out this perspective, but by continuing these conspiracy theories we are only perpetuating the evil machine that is The United States of America, Inc. Should we dignify our opponents?…

    • Jonny N

      I am with Jacqueline, Sasquach Chronicles is a realistic and believable format. Conspiracy theories intrigue a certain type of listener. Great for expanding the audience. But you own the credibility niche with the Bigfoot encounters.
      If you want this to really sail we need to get truck drivers, police officers, farmers, and regular every day people sharing their ufo encounters. People who claim to have all the questions answered aren’t good listening as you already know. Conspiracy theories just aren’t that exciting to rational thinkers even when they are true. But the encounters are “golden”. My mother tells a story about a ufo encounter when she was in college. It’s the only off the wall story she ever tells. Everything else she talks about is normal. That’s why we all believe that story.
      These are the people you need on the show Wes. Normal people who have this one freaky story to tell.I’m telling you Wes, you could have a goldmine here if you keep with the credibility niche and stay cautious about the crackpot market.

      • Jacqueline O

        Thank you Patricia and Johnny!

        On a personal note, I do enjoy listening to the conspiracy theories…it’s just human nature! We love it! Although, I suggest you approach the topic with caution. Both you and Duke work great together, and I simply love Duke’s open mind, personality, and sense of humor. He does have a contagious laugh and has this natural way where he makes you feel like you’re part of the group, just hanging out and having fun. I really would like to hear more about his experiences and vast knowledge…he really is educated on this stuff.

        Perhaps keep the gov. conspiracies (unrelated to BF such as the Pheonix Lights, Battle of L.A., Roswell, Spontaneous Human Combustion, the Dyatlov Pass, etc.) as part of Duke’s show, and you always play the “side-kick”, even though you’re both equally involved. This way you may still be able to keep all your fans and your stellar sasquatch reputation. Of course this is much easier said than done 😉
        IDK…just a thought…

      • tom m

        When Galileo stated the earth revolved around the sun, what did the normal people say? Oh yeah , it was not good. Galileo lost credibility and was jailed as a heathen crackpot. He that hungers and thrists for truth and rightousness, he alone shall be called blessed. Truth( if only the pursuit of truth) is the real goldmine.

      • tom m

        One other thing, I have had and seen things that most people would NOT believe, happen to me. One thing, if it had not happened to me, and it was somebody else telling me about, I would most likely not believe it. But it did happen, it is true. And I could care less, if not one person on earth believed me. So be it. If people give you credibility, then they can take it away from you. A real man stands alone on his own integrity, that alone holds value.

  4. John S

    I think I will enjoy this addition to your program. I have heard about Philip Schneider befor and found his stories very credibil. This man had a ton to lose for coming forward with this subject matter !!!

  5. MONTE M

    Maybe Wes likes branching out into other subjects . Wes is a knower so maybe doing a show that in part is trying to educate people on the behavior and dangers of what’s five feet into the scrub off any given forest service road as well as being the voice and safe haven for people to come forth with their experiences with these creatures gets a bit to the point where the brunt of society is just poking fun and
    skepticism at you anyhow so why not add some other interesting topics into the mix just to spice things up a bit and it is free so don’t listen if you don’t like it . It’s a bonus and if Wes and Duke didn’t have an interest they wouldn’t do it . Duke has some really interesting stuff to talk about and he is really fun to listen to . Wes and his Bro have experienced orbs and so have a lot of people . They are not a real common everynight occurrence . Have you experienced them ? anyhow why draw lines in the sand . I expect two Bigfoot shows per week and anything xtra is just icing on the Yetis Cake . Feed me .

  6. Brett S

    I’ve seen three ufos in three very different places always with another witness I can’t say there were little green men on them but I’m always looking up. I’d be a janitor in one of these underground cities. There’s got to be more than the bread and circuses most Americans are content with. The Air Force was testing the f117 in the early eighties imagine what they have now. I remember the CEO of Lockheed saying they were testing jets that made Star Wars look like the wright brothers. I’m not a knower but to hear how sincere your guests are and I’m sure you vet your guests well how can people totally discount them. As a Boy Scout I hiked and backpacked all through Northern California and only saw bear a handful of times but I had times I felt o was being watched I use to chalk it up to pot farmers now I’m not so sure. I don’t think I could handle a big foot. I’ve been reading on the subject since I could read conspiracies as well the fire in the sky case is hard to refute. I’ve started listening to this show since the siege of honobia can’t get enough. Keep up the great work Wes I’ll continue to be a loyal listener. You e gotten me through a lot of sleepless nights and rough times and can’t imagine how much work you’ve put into all this.im very greatful for it thank you.

  7. tom m

    I LOVE the new show. Truth leads to truth. What we view as real is really a world of thoughts, a world of mind. Thoughts are not real, they are a tool. It is why the Buddha said you have to see in a no-mind state. Why Jesus said let your eye be single. Only those with eyes to see CAN see. We are beings IN bodies. You are not the body, you are the being.There are NO white people, black people etc. The color(race) of your body is as meaningless as the color of your car. Your tribe, your race does not matter. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven lies (resides) within you. He was talking about your being. This the key to understanding life. You are already , now, part of That Which IS the Great I Am. There are forces that don’t want you to believe this. There is a war (demonic in nature) going on now for the future of humanity and some people want to worry if it might offend or bother the bigfoot community, if Wes and Duke talk about these issues. What a joke! It’s all connected. The NWO, flooding America with illegals to crash the economy, alien DNA manipulation, the insane Iran nuke deal. Its all connected. Have you seen the direction Ron Moorehead has gone? Ask him what he thinks reality is. And he is correct. Get Ron on for the NEW show. Wes and Duke, hit it hard and deep. And have fun connecting the dots.

    • Jacqueline O

      Tom, you speak the truth…I am aware and believe the principles which you speak of…
      Now, do I know you and everything about you as an individual? No
      Do I agree with your comment above? Yes, however, (based on your written word), you make references to both Judeo-Christianity and Buddhism, therefore I am unaware of your “true self”…Judeo-Christian? Buddhism? Both? Neither? You didn’t clearly state it…I shouldn’t assume or jump to conclusions?

      The comments I posted above were intended to point out just one, un-biased, neutral perspective regarding the gov. conspiracies…a potential reaction to an action. As usual, we all read and mis-interpret the comments from our own reality…

      If you re-read you will notice I never wrote, “I don’t believe…”, or, “Wes, don’t do the extra conspiracy stuff…”. I have experienced too many “paranormal” incidents to ignore these theories, and like Galileo and Ron Moorehead, not examining the subject is the exact opposite of science. I’m simply asking Wes if that is the path HE wants, not the SC members. Ultimately, he is the one who must deal with the consequences, and it would be wise to consider all possible outcomes, good and bad. If you failed to see this perspective or find it a joke unworthy of attention, then you are not fully aware of the clarity that you seek young grasshopper…

      • tom m

        I’m not trying to knock you, I’m sorry if it came off that way. Somebody has flipped the hour glass and the sands are now running out.

  8. Kathy S

    The new show has a name of its own, Conspiracy Corner… I think we’re all smart enough to keep from experiencing any confusion 😉 Not sure why the naysayers can’t just either appreciate the added content or just ignore it. I’m looking forward to this next episode but I like such things.

    Remember, no one agrees with anyone 100% so make up your own mind Wes & Duke… also be aware that those who are the happiest will be the quietest on the blog. People are most apt to make noise when they are complaining. At least, most people are like that including me 😉 I only comment when I disagree with someone posting or just feel strongly enough to add to the conversation… I listen to every show but rarely comment. Sorry Wes but you should know, I love Sasquatch Chronicles… I should tell you more often :/

  9. Elise B

    I would very much like to hear a qualified, bona fide, genuine geneticist with a PhD and all discuss CRISPR and chimeras and what you have been told by Chris and others. He or she will want anonymity.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdBAHexVYzc …. Talk about scary…..

    I am not interested in conspiracy theories and UFOs very much. I saw one, they are real, but I’d rather hear about bigfoot.

    If something contradicts the Bible in a big way, I am out. Some of these kinds of people will do that.

  10. scott o

    Looking forward to hearing of the possible Sasquatch sightings here in AK sitting within view of several sightings right across the water inlet and ready to explore. Hope the folks that had the sighting in AK will be alright and will voluntarily participate in an upcoming episode. Meanwhile, good shows that Duke is producing, they do have relevance in the larger picture. Hope everyone will keep an open mind and just enjoy.

  11. Jacqueline O

    FYI Elise, please note the following comment is not directed toward you, but instead used to to educate and share my opinion…

    These people will try to trick you, and I believe the above video to be a perfect example.
    The link?…scripted and aimed to take advantage of people who are naive and hungry for answers.
    The technology and understanding of molecular and microbiology is very real and accurate but nothing new…Biology 101 for an undergraduate.

    Having worked with other scientists and knowing many professors, you realize they are all very similar in presentation style, confidence, and attitudes. She does not fit the category…appears to lack the emotion many scientists express and seems to speak haphazardly throuh the lecture. They also love their laser pointers…lol!

    It seems memorized word-per-word. There is no need to memorize a script because they research and know their subject so well they do it in their sleep. Your research becomes your life! You can hear and see this woman stumble through the lecture, followed with a few awkward pauses. It seems that she is not fully educated on the subject she is presenting.

    Scientists are also VERY detailed and specific, ensuring they address every aspect. For example, not once did she explain to the audience RNA is ribonucleic acid, a term most people do not know, unfortunately. However, most scientists/researches/professors would ensure his/her audience understood the basic meaning. She also did not address the materials and methods needed to accomplish this…not once did she inform the audience about the amplification of DNA via the Polymerase Chain Reaction; cloning with bacterial plasmids; the species or genre of bacteria/bacterium utilized; the relationship between DNA, RNA, and proteins and their regulation and expression of genes? What about ribosomal RNA (rRNA); primers; DNA sequencing, coding, and decoding? Scientists do not leave out this information in their presentations. If “they” are truly trying to educate the public all information would be available for those to completely understand and not be misguided in an alternate direction. I know she must make the format “understandable” for the average person, but the presentation sounds like a sales pitch!!!

    Even worse, it resembles the set of a reality show such as “American Idol”…designed to excite and intrigue the eager audience, (a great cross-section of the public BTW), in a comfortable and safe setting to learn “inside” information.

    There is so much misinformation and conditioning on Youtube it’s embarrassing! It is about corporate agenda, money, and power. If you understand human psychology and behavior you will see it is directly orchestrated to prey on the vulnerable citizens who are dedicated to their religious beliefs and concerned about our future.

    I’m sorryt forr going off on a “rant”, but the power-possessed corporations and quasi-cults drive me crazy!

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