Watch: Bob Gimlins First National TV interview

A Bob Gimlin interview and reenactment from Mysterious Encounters TV series 2001, Shot by Doug Hajicek, also features Owen Caddy and Dr. Daris Swindler comment on possible facial movements near the end of clip.

Authorities looking for missing man last seen in Lower Yosemite Fall area

Yosemite National Park authorities are looking for a man who went missing in Yosemite this weekend. Michael Dahl was last seen near the Lower Yosemite Fall footbridge on Saturday morning. He was last seen wearing a light-blue hoodie sweatshirt and jeans. He was also carrying a camera according to authorities. Dahl is described as 20-year-old… Read more »

Next Weeks Shows For Members

Next week I have several guests lined up to come on the show who have some really interesting encounters. Look for a full week of content coming up! Also I will be revamping the site and updating the forums. I want to thank everyone for their support!

Tonights Show

Tonight we speak to Mo who had a sighting while out hiking with his kids. The children were playing and Mo looked up to see a figure just outside of the treeline watching them. When the creature and Mo made eye contact the creature then backed up into the brush. Mo terrified for their safety… Read more »

Watch: Is This Bigfoot Fishing In The San Juans?

The Bigfoot Evidence reports: The San Juans cover 12,000+ square miles of southwestern Colorado, about an eighth of the state. The mountains are relatively new, geologically speaking, and are among the highest and most rugged in North America. Hundreds of San Juan peaks rise above 13,000 feet and many surpass 14,000 feet. The terrain consist… Read more »

Show and Forum Updates/Changes

There are some changes coming to the forums. The show will go on!

Climbers mystified by ‘bloodcurdling screaming’

The view out of Comb Gully where Christopher Sleight was climbing when he and others heard screaming When a “bloodcurdling screaming” was heard on Ben Nevis on Thursday, I feared the very worst. When I winter climb I like to listen. I listen hard. There are so many useful cues that the ear can pick… Read more »

Watch: Bigfoot Sighting

Want to know how the famous thermal footage was captured by the Browns? Jonathan and Sara Brown captured what may very well be the best FLIR image of a Bigfoot ever. Listen to how it all happened Credit:

SC Forums Are Being Revamped

I wanted to give everyone a heads up, we are revamping our site forums. We are making some changes and updates to the forums they will return. I think the members will like the new updates.

SC EP:87 Attacks from the community

Tonight we address some recent concerns about the show. Woody joins me as we sit down to discuss all of the rumors going on about the show, us, and our encounter.     Open New Player Window

Questions about my encounter

There has been a lot of questions about mine and my brothers encounter. I want to take a moment and address it. Thank you to everyone!

SC EP:86 East Texas Trip Overview [updated]

Tonight we will be giving a recap of our trip to East Texas and the Sam Houston National Forest. Bob Garrett was kind enough to take us out to a few of the areas. The whole time we had non-stop rain and flooding but we did have a couple of encounters and lots of audio… Read more »

Sasquatch Behavior

  Most sasquatches are observed walking, and the observer almost invariably comments on their smooth, long and fluent stride (“like cross country skiing” or “like riding a bicycle”) with wide arm swings. This effect is produced by their so-called compliant gait, meaning that they do not lock their knees during a step but keep them… Read more »

Sasquatch Physiology

  The sasquatch is a predominantly nocturnal animal and its night vision exceeds that of man substantially. It is probable that this increase in night vision is a function of a larger eye and pupillary size rather than a reflecting layer. The animals walk with ease in seeming total darkness, but forage during the day…. Read more »

Article on Bigfoot Anatomy

  The sasquatch is a large, hairy, bipedal non-human primate (Fig. 1) that is distributed over the North American continent to varying degrees of concentration. Its massiveness, deviation from human bearing and different gait leave no doubt in the mind of observers that they have seen a creature different from man or known animals. Skin… Read more »

Panther Tracker Claims Bigfoot Sighting

  Author and naturalist Jim McMullen holds a plaster cast of what he claims is a footprint of a bigfoot that he took while in the Florida Everglades. Lisa Krantz/Staff A Golden Gate man who has spent almost 23 years tracking the Florida panther is stepping forward with claims of a bigfoot in the Everglades… Read more »