Texas for a special project

Last night I talked about a trip to Texas for a special project. I want to change how the general public looks at this topic. I will be in the East Texas area towards the end of the month or the beginning of next. If you have had an encounter and would like to be… Read more »

Listen: The Ohio Howl

The first recording of a “Moan Howl” known to have been captured, in 1994, by Matt Moneymaker of the BFRO. This comes from Columbiana County Ohio, near Wellsville on the Ohio River.    

Closing Song Credit

I get asked several times a week on who sings the closing song on Sasquatch Chronicles. The group is Pompeya and the song is called 90. The guys were cool enough to let me use it when I asked. Pompeya are artists out of Russia and do not get enough credit if you ask me…. Read more »

A female cannibal giant

I want to thank Candy from Sasquatch Canada for sending this to me. Last night, MT and I were discussing the tribal dance we saw as kids. This dance represents the wild woman of the woods,Dzunukwa (Tsonokwa) A female cannibal giant that lives in the faraway mountains and forests, coming in to steal children, placing… Read more »

SC EP:102 Very close encounter with a Sasquatch

My guest tonight is “MT” from Washington State. He was a school teacher for many years and always worked for the state wildlife services before he was fired for coming forward with his encounter. He says, “I made the mistake of telling some of my co-workers about my encounter, I was fired afterwards without any… Read more »

Watch: Swan Song Of The Skunk Ape Teaser

The description says “It exists….Maybe. A teaser for a short documentary-in-progress about a mysterious creature said to live in deep in the Florida Everglades. At over 1.5 million acres, the ‘Glades are the largest wilderness area east of the Mississippi, with thousands of acres untouched by man. If indeed something this strange could exist, it… Read more »

Watch: Big Muddy Monster

Along the Big Muddy River in Murphysboro, Illinois, locals tell of harrowing encounters with the creature caked in muck that periodically emerges from the river to besiege the town.  

Tonight’s Show: Very close encounter with a Sasquatch

Tonights show! My guest tonight is “MT” from Washington State. He was a school teacher for many years and always worked for the state wildlife services before he was fired for coming forward with his encounter. He says “I made the mistake of telling some of my co-workers about my encounter, I was fired afterwards… Read more »

Proctor Valley Monster

I was recently in San Diego and I heard residents talking about Zoobies. What the heck are Zoobies? The story of Zoobies actually started in the 60’s. In the early 60’s, two teens who get a flat tire while driving through Proctor Valley late at night. The gentleman pulls to the side of the road… Read more »

Seen a “man” or “thing” walking away from our camper

It was 1974, Shasta County, CA. As we slept around 12 am I awoke to a strange odd feeling. Uneasiness. I immediately heard a loud sound of something walking next to our camper. It walked with a heaviness and I could hear the swooshing of the arms moving as it walked. I never heard footsteps,… Read more »

Experienced Florida hunter has a run in with two creatures

Witness sketch created by artist Sybilla Irwin Witness Observed: I have been hunting a large tract of private land for a little over 3 years now. It is comprised of planted pine hardwood, and cypress swamps. It is bordered on all sides by other large tracts of private land and WMA’s that connect to Ocala… Read more »

Watch: Sasquatch in the Puget Sound

From modern day sightings to stories of Puget Sound’s earliest settlers, Sasquatch has been part of Puget Sound. Roger Fernandes of the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe narrates and Dr. Robert Michael Pyle, author of Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide, observes that the possibility that Sasquatch exists requires forests where such a creature could… Read more »

SC EP:101 “We saw a big big….person?” Is now available

Available now in the podcast section. Tonight I speak with two witnesses. It always interested me to speak with witnesses who have no knowledge of Sasquatch. My first guest is Kris who is originally from Washington State. Listen as Kris describes what he and his friend saw that day. He describes the “thing” as being… Read more »

The strange mystery of the Valley of the Headless Men

I want to thank Lawrence K. for sending this to me. I am looking into this story. The Valley of the Headless Men. Anomalies first began in 1908, when the Macleod Brothers came prospecting for gold in the valley. Nothing was heard or seen of the brothers for a whole year, until their decapitated bodies… Read more »

“I do not know what we saw but it was real”

This was very interesting, a report of a family home being surrounded by strange creatures. There was multiple witnesses and evidence that was collected. The family barricaded themselves into the home and waited for the sun to come up. While watching from an upstairs bedroom the wife recalled “then this thing just stood up on… Read more »

Strange noises!

I have heard coyotes and foxes make some strange noises, while I am on the fence of this being a coyote it is strange none the less. Anthony Martin posted this video on the Sasquatch Chronicles Fans! Page. The YouTuber writes “Finally got to hear what all the fuss was about on the Umatilla Indian… Read more »

Upcoming Thursday Nights Show

Thursday nights show will feature two guests. My first guest talks about moving to a property and having rocks thrown at her house and how one night the creature came up too close to the side of the house and knocked over a ladder. The witnesses boyfriend ran out of the house with a gun… Read more »

1972 A State Of Horror

Witnesses have seen a huge, hairy, hulking creature stalking the woods and lonely country roads. The creature is similar to the well-known Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest. It has a pumpkin-shaped head, three-fingered hands and leaves three-toed footprints. This aggressive creature is known to kill animals and antagonize humans. The creature has been nicknamed “Momo”… Read more »

That Sasquatch has German Shepherd ears and a dog muzzle..

“My friend and I for lack of a better term are research partners. Several years ago my friend moved back to his home state of Oklahoma… Late One night he took his teenage daughter out on an old country road to star gaze..He brought his night vision with as is his custom..Well as they were… Read more »

Young woman disappeared never to be seen again

So many strange disappearances have occurred on a stretch of highway that covers 837 miles in the state of British Columbia Canada, mostly involving women or children. Few roads on earth are more dramatically breathtaking than Canada’s Highway 16. The lonely highway stretches east-west through British Columbia, winding its way through snow peaks, bustling mill… Read more »