Mar 15

Cabin located In The Mark Twain National Forest

A listener writes “My husband is a truck driver and I ride with him. A few years ago we were up in the nose bleed section of the U.S. I can’t bring you a story of seeing bigfoot. However, this is what my husband and I saw….
It was dawn and we were on I-94.

Early morning traffic on one side of the road was a bear curled up and looked to be sleeping. Which was strange to me with all the traffic going by. Quarter mile from the bear on the other side of the road were two dairy cows laying on the side of the road (dead). Another quarter to half mile from the cows were three deer on the side of the road (dead). None of the animals had any blood or looked as if they had been hit. No tire marks that I had noticed.

My husband and I discussed how strange it was and continued on our way to unload. We got unloaded, got reloaded and were headed onto our next delivery. We were on back to I-94 on a two-way highway traveling along the Mississippi River on highway 61 just past Lake city, Minnesota. We saw a black unmarked helicopter, blacked out windows, it looked like a two person helicopter with a cable hanging from it, we could see what the cable was attached too, at first. As we past by, we were watching in the mirrors to figure out what it was trying to pull up from the banks of the river.

It had a huge white bag attached to it. It looked like it was have issues pulling it up. About 20 to 30 minutes later, both my husband and I got text on our phones from an unknown number. All the text said was….”we need to speak with you.”

My husband and I just deleted the text and kept going. However, my husband and I started looking at a map from where the dead animals were and were we saw the helicopter. It was about 60 miles across. I’m not sure what all that was, But something is strange about it.

So forward a few years, we bought some property and decided to build a cabin located in the Mark twain national forest. We bought a shell of a cabin and are finishing the inside, we installed security cameras on the outside. Right after we installed them, we got deer, fox, coons, all kinds of animals for the first few weeks. Then suddenly our cameras were triggered but no animals or anything were on the cameras. Strange noise, tree breaks were the only things we could hear but see nothing. Last summer we walked around our property. Our lot is only about 100′ by 200′ we are building in a very small town in Missouri. It’s Iron Mountain lake, Missouri.”


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