Mar 15

A Metallic Triangle Flying In The Sky

A listener writes “I’m from Great Barrington Massachusetts. I’m writing you about the Black triangle I experienced on Dec. 18, 2020, oddly the evening before my 65th birthday.

I went up to a high spot around here with a view to the west, to the Catskill Mountains. I took a picture of the conjunction of the two planets at the time. It was a very quiet evening, just getting dark, but no stars in the sky yet.

Driving down the road I saw a bright light coming my way. I thought it was a jet coming in for a landing to Bradley Airport nearby in Conn., as I do see quite often. But it was very bright, so I kept an eye on it.

As I’m driving down the road, I realized it just flew over me. I stopped my car, rolled down the window and turned the car off. I finally looked up and saw why it was so bright. There was 3 stadium size round lights blasting light underneath the craft. It was going one way the whole time. Then I focused on what it was, and I saw a Dark Triangle, with a point of light on each tip. 3 little lights. It was only 150 yards away and just above the treetops. It was over a house in the field, and about as big as the house, maybe 40 feet from tip to tip. One of the flat sides was towards me.

I was in awe of what I was looking at, and it was beautiful, and I was digging it. Then I realized it was coming back towards me. I had my hand on my phone and was excited to get a picture, but when it started coming back towards me, the vibes changed.

Now I was asking a million questions, who, what, why was it coming towards me? It didn’t turn to come my way it just reversed directions. The thing that really got me was it was totally silent. And as I said, it was a very quiet night. And it was going only about 20 mph. Now I am getting alarmed, because what happens next I’m not sure, but I wasn’t hanging around to see.

The hair on the back of my neck was up and I was scared. So I decided to drive off. I thought for sure it was following me, but it wasn’t. I drove down into the valley and looked back and saw a very bright light in the sky going the same way and going slowly.

I don’t know if that was our technology that no one is admitting, or some Extraterrestrial technology, but I saw technology that supposedly does not exist or at least we aren’t told about. If it’s our technology, it certainly could be used for a useful energy producing clean energy product we all could use.

How does a metallic triangle fly 20 mph. Totally quiet? Just above the treetops?  I sent this because you said your interested in hearing about UFO sightings.”

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