Mar 16

It was on two legs for sure

A listener writes “I had an encounter back around 1996 in the Choccolocco Management Area located in East Central Alabama which borders my property where I have lived since 1988. The encounter happened back in the fall of 1996 when I was squirrel hunting. I was a lot younger then in my 40’s and loved to walk in the woods and hunt a lot.

I had a Jeep CJ7 then and I used to take it way off the main road to squirrel hunt. I had a place that was in a deep hollow with a branch running it about a quarter mile long which was located about 10 miles from my house. I would park my jeep at the top of this mountain and go down the side of the mountain to a deep hollow which had a branch running down it and I would walk down the branch and come out on the road which parallel the branch. One evening it was almost dark when I was coming back up the road and I could hear footsteps to my left just inside the trees but never saw anything.

Every time I would take a step I could hear something walking mimicking my steps step for step and that was when the hair stood up on the back of my neck. All I had was a 20 gauge shotgun with #6 shot in it. I eventually took off in a dead run till I got to my Jeep and thru the gun in the back seat and hauled butt. I forgot to mention the screech owl I heard walking up the road back to my jeep that I heard right before I started running. I don’t know what I heard but it was on two legs for sure. I never went back to that hunting spot.”

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