Jun 25

Strange report from Ketchikan, Alaska

Summer, 1960
Mrs. Nye’s cousin Errol, then 15 years old was sent out to haul in the skiff up on fishing boat which was tied to a float at night. Errol left the flashlight pointing inshore. He glanced up and saw human-like figure standing in the water up to his waist, between the float and the shore watching him. He described it as “not exactly a person” but arms and head like a man. The creature was grayish white all over and had big round beedy eyes. The boy screamed and ran. About thirty men rushed out, shone lights and saw the creature dive under the water and swim away under water like a frog. Arms forward over head and legs doing a “frog kick.’

Reported by Mrs. Nye of Renton Washington to Nick Carter in 1975 although the incident occurred in the summer of 1960.



Credit:John Green’s cardfiles, BC Archives

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  1. Andrew L

    Both of my paternal grandparents were from Ketchikan, AK and they both moved to Washington, living here the rest of their lives. Incidentally, my grandmother lived in Renton, WA the rest of her life. Small world.

  2. Christian L

    Bouancy and BF are interesting…..as they are described as muscular they are therefore lean w dense musculature without lots of low density fat and not necessarily very buoyant but perhaps the lung capacity/volume/displacement of their massive chests offsets their “leanness” allowing them to float and swim well?

  3. r v

    Isn’t Ketchikan the island the show “Alaskan Bush People” is supposed to take place on – where they “built” their house? All problems with the show’s authenticity aside (it is still fun to watch with the proper suspension-of-disbelief applied), the scenery is well documented enough to give a visual context to this 1960 story.

  4. erik p

    Proves my theroy that these things travel water ways, that’s how alot of the times the footprints just disappear, when seeing a trak along a shore line of river embankment. I think they are way more aqatic than we think, and are very very comfortable in water. I think it’s how they do a good deal of their traveling

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