May 15

I know I was being stalked

A listener writes “It happened last year, I had bought a new snowmobile and wanted to go ride and see what it could do so a couple friends and I went up to George Town lake Montana and it was mid afternoon and we had gone about 30 miles from where we had parked and had gotten into theses trees and there was one way in and one way out.

Well I had gotten lost from the group so I decided to wait by the entrance and wait for my buddy’s well I had noticed something really black out of the corner of eye so I turned my head and I could see these huge tall figure behind this big pine tree and we where in green trees so there won’t any black burnt trees and it was to wide to be a tree well I got looking at this thing and then it moved and I knew what I was looking at so then a few seconds later it moved it head to the side and out from behind the tree and so I started looking around for my buddy’s kinda frantic and a few moments later I heared them and they pulled up but I really believe it was keeping my attention so the others could grab me I’d love to tell you the rest if you would like to hear it”

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  1. Thomas W

    Scary stuff, surrounded by national/state forest and that part of the state is lightly populated (even by MT standards) I live over in Bozeman and Brian Sullivan is close to Missoula. Neihart is a hot spot in MT also FYI….Glad your pals showed up.

  2. Denise F

    I hope to never feel like they were waiting to grab me. When that day happens I’ll be hanging up my mosquito spray, buck knife and binoculars…..yikes!

  3. Glenda M

    This is scary. I hope he comes on the show. I can’t imagine how scared he was and how much more relieved he was to hear his friends approaching. It really makes you think about being out in the woods.

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