Nov 9

Bigfoot Sightings in Broken Bow, OK

Visit McCurtain County writes “Bigfoot sightings aren’t unusual in the dense forests around Hochatown, Oklahoma. Local Bigfoot investigator Troy Hudson believes that somewhere beyond the cabins, Beavers Bend State Park has been Bigfoot’s hidden home for generations. In this episode, Troy tells of the mysteries surrounding this strange creature.”


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  1. Linda B

    Wow. I have met Troy, I lived 15 min south of Broken Bow , I was creeped out of a day hike at Broken Bow Lake and was having remorse because for awhile I was stubbornly refusing to end my hike and the voice in my head was telling me I wasn’t going to live if I continued on that path ..finally had to turn around and hurriedly left the forest. Also my brother had a road crossing sighting 15 minutes south of Broken Bow on the main highway heading to Idabel, OK. Also, a tornado hit SE Idabel this week. I can’t wait to listen to this.

  2. richard r

    i can see where this is going and dont agree. i mean the philosophical idea that they belong here and just want to live in peace. theyve never changed or we would be living along side by side with them. they have supernatural powers and dont need us and would rather we all were vanquished off the earth. its just because god has put a barrier that isnt supposed to be crossed that were still here.

  3. m99

    I came within a hair of moving to Broken Arrow. Glad I did not. I used to go hiking by myself, and know I certainly would have then and there as well. I just don’t have patience with other women who want to chit chat as they go. I hike quietly, and harmoniously. Enjoying the scenery & listening as I go. Scary buisness. Since SC I don’t go out there alone. Thx for sharing this Wes.

  4. Rhonda D

    I was just there in Hochatown last weekend camping with some friends..the cabin in the video looks like the same area.. we were right on a creek.. we were sitting out one night by the fire pit and we kept hearing breaking sticks .. not that it means anything , but was happening regularly every couple of minutes.. of course my friends noticed and mockingly stated “maybe it was Bigfoot”.. they know I’m a believer.. it’s a beautiful area.. I’m sad to see they are building a huge casino there…

  5. Teresa V

    m99, he’s talking about Broken Bow which is in SE Oklahoma You mentioned Broken Arrow which is a suburb of Tulsa, two different places, although they sound a lot alike.

    • Chad W

      Yes, Teresa, my brother and sister-in-law live in Broken Arrow. It’s largely subdivisions and shopping centers. Not terribly squatchy! (Now that I said that, someone’ll post about their sighting there, lol! They can happen almost anywhere, really.)

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