Nov 8

I heard this loud, deep, guttural whoop

A listener writes “Back in July 2018, I had an encounter but not a sighting. Its a short story but interesting. My girlfriend and I were splitting up and she was cheating on me and felt down and a certain way that night.

I decided to go for a drive down a heavily wooded road about ten miles long called Tumbling Run. Its were we get our drinking water and in Pottsville, Pa. At the last pull off I decided to pull over and take a short hike up this path. This is state game lands and used by hunters. It was about 9pm and not quite that dark yet. I got out the truck and noticed what an eerie night and there wasnt no traffic at all going by during this encounter lasting about 30-40 minutes. I headed down the trail and in 75 yards theres a stream I had to cross wich had rocks for stepping on.

I crossed and proceeded up the trail and in about another 75 yards I encountered a large log to cross. As I stepped over, that’s when I heard this most loud, deep, guttural whoop. Had to be only 100 ft away or less. I froze, I kind of went into some kind of shock and all I could think of is, my God, there real. There real and right here in Pa. Prior to this I was interested and fascinated about bigfoot and did a lot research online and YouTube but now I know there def real. The thing is I wasnt frightened at all but felt actually this calm feeling over me and forgetting about my girlfriend troubles. I proceeded up the path another 70 yards or so trying to get a view of this creature but I could not. Something told me not to go in the direction I heard the whoop and then decided perhaps time to leave. I headed back to the truck and heard nothing else. Still no traffic which is very odd. I headed home and sat at kitchen table just thinking about what the hell happened for about two hours not talking to anyone. I decided Id go back and explore for proof but didn’t go often. Well I did get the proof I needed this year wich is four years later and I know there still there.

I got several photos of footprints. I sent photos of the two best ones. One in spring and a juvenile print in August And I got to tell you the photos don’t do it justice at all as in person. I also saw weird tree structures in the area. And so that’s my short but hopefully interesting story. The sound of that whoop was enough for me to believe 100 percent because I cant begin to explain just how, loud, deep, and so amazing it was. I never heard anything in my life like that. Its hard to explain. And it wasnt an aggressive whoop but a sound almost of curiosity.”

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  1. Donald P

    I grew up in Schuylkill County and I know the area he’s talking about. The woods are quite thick and I always got a strange feeling riding through there on my motorcycle. I’m not surprised Sasquatch is there.

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