Nov 9

Three horses and dog attacked and killed in Monroe Co.

I want to thank a member, Timothy for posting a link. According to Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, the animals’ wounds are inconsistent with a large predator attack. They say do not have conclusive answers as to what caused the attack at this time.

Early Sunday morning Eddie Denton went outside to feed his miniature horses and found them laying in and around his pond. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says some type of animal attacked his three horses and dog in the early morning hours.

“I just so happened to look down here at the pond because all the ducks were coming up there and I saw that [horse] floating in the pond down there and I thought ‘well my little one got in the pond and drowned down there,'” said Denton.

He said he started looking for his other two miniature horses and found one in the stable with its throat torn up and another in the pond.

The Monroe County Sheriff and Denton believe it was a large cat that attacked and killed the animals.

“No, it’s not a house cat,” said Dale Ford, Monroe County Sheriff.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Biologist says there are animal tracks around the property, but not enough of them to be conclusive.

“One track over there was a bobcat, there is a larger track over here, but i’m not an expert on mountain lions. I’ll send it to someone else and see what he thinks and I’ll know in a day or two what he has to say about that,” said William Lynch, a biologist, as he pointed to tracks around the property.

“Its got characteristics of a big cat, the puncture wounds, the bites and stuff. If there is a threat we need to let the people know,” said Sheriff Ford.

“I don’t know what it is but I know it’s big and I know it’s deadly and if it can do that to those horses, it could do a lot to a child or even a grown man. That’s my concern,” he added.

Denton said he is shocked and saddened by the death of his animals. He said he had initially bought the horses for his grandchildren.

Sheriff Ford said the number one priority is to keep people in Monroe County and surrounding areas safe.

“If there is a threat we need to let the people know,” he said.

Denton is putting up trail cameras to try and catch the animal through the night. Sheriff Ford says to keep an extra eye on your children outside and to be aware of your surroundings.

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  1. m99

    It’s about time for “authorities” spill the beans. People, as well as precious animals are in danger much of the time but we’re like tip-toeing through the tulips, oblivious. My daughter thinks I’m ate up with fear, but I’m not. I just don’t want her and her teek aged daughter camping in the car in the boonies. Anyway, when are we ever going to learn the truth of what’s out there?

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