Nov 3

Bigfoot in Leominster State Forest

CBS Boston writes “Bigfoot in Leominster State Forest? One man has been on the hunt for decades.”

Growing up in Leominster, Massachusetts, Ronny learned of a section of the city near his childhood home that was called Monsterland. He didn’t know why it received this moniker, but all of his friends were going there to ride their BMX bikes, pedaling through the forested trails to get there and spending their day in the sand dunes within the power lines.

Teenagers would use the area to hold keg parties and bonfires and young couples would frequent the area to evade prying parent’s eyes. Some of the “lucky” ones that would venture into this area at night would experience strange sounds and lights. Sightings of flying saucers, orange orbs and hairy creatures running on two legs were part of the lore.

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  1. Greg N

    Being a BOSTON guy, it one of only 2 areas ( Hockomock swamp,Bridgwater Triangle we’re repetitive sightings still exist), congratulations to Ronnie for all your success in what seems to be turning into an out of this world phenomenon.

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