Nov 3

Strange Encounter From New Zealand

A listener from New Zealand writes “I listen to your podcast while working and got me wondering about what I saw.

I have done research on my encounter and turns out it’s fairly common here I was driving on the desert road witch is a highway here in New Zealand I was going about 100 kph I saw something on the side of the road.

I was in front of some cars so I had my high beams and light bars on so had very good visibility it was about 11 pm so was dark a creamier was on the side of the road you could see the light bar catch its eyes about 500 meters ahead when I got too about 200 meters it came out to the middle I found it good thought it might have been some one stranded but when I got to about 60 meters I had slowed down to about 70 kph by this time saw its face it looked goat like looking into the cab at my truck I go to the other Lane and sped away scare the shit out of me.”

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  1. Linda B

    Cam you imagine your life as the offspring of fallen angels practicing beastiality? No wonder these things cries and howls are often mournful. It’s a fallen world. How scarey to see.

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