Jul 8

Possible Dogman Encounter

A listener writes “One night around 11 or 1130 pm my ex and I were returning home from a friend’s house that lived inside a place called Doe Valley. Doe Valley is a gated community beside a place called Otter Creek Park & Otter Creek Park runs along the Ohio River with just over two thousand acres.

We were coming down highway 1638 just outside the Doe Valley gate, like I said around 11-1130 at night, when the black shadow of a huge wolf like creature darted out in front of our car. There is no way we were not going to hit it and it happened so fast there was no time to react. It appeared beside the car in the headlight on the passenger side, and ran in front of us in a split second disappearing into thin air on our left.

Again, there’s no way that we shouldn’t have hit it, but it seems as though the front of the car went through it. It was huge, the size of a small horse and was on all fours, so I have no idea how tall it would’ve been on two legs. It was blacker than the blackest shadow I’ve ever seen and had the glowing eyes that everyone talks about. My ex and I looked at each other aghast, “Did you see that?” we both exclaimed at once and talked about it all the way home. We never figured out what it was, but with all this talk of dogman, I’m now thinking that’s what we saw that night.”

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