Jan 10

“Bigfoot standing in front of me…”

A listener writes “Hello Wes, I have heard of you for many years, but to be honest, I’ve never known when your show airs, or how awesome it was till recent. A youtuber told me about you, and encouraged me to contact you. He absolutely loves your show and said he is addicted to it.

Ok, here goes. I was 11, my mom was 40, it was 1978, in Colorado, on top of a mountain, Stony pass. The pass was a mail route, by horse, in the 1800s. It was a grueling pass, and very long! We were 4 wheeling and after we’d peaked the mountain, I asked dad to find a tree asap. We were above timberline, so as soon as we hit tree line he stopped. Me and my mom went up the hill to pee lol. We instantly heard ruckus and talking. Men , women, and kids, like a group of hikers. Mom said shhhhh, so they don’t see us.

Well, as I was zipping up, I saw bare feet then my eyes went up to a bigfoot standing straight in front of me, no more than 20 feet. I never felt one second of fear, neither did my mom. This being was so timid and apologetic acting. We immediately locked eyes, and it was trying to communicate with facial expressions. I grew up with deaf people, and I went into interpret mode. It seemed to be saying, I’m so sorry, and just a sweetness that was angelic. I don’t know why, but I think it mistakenly walked upon us, and didn’t want us to tell haha, but mom screamed , leave us alone! The saddest look came over its face, and it stepped behind a tree, I turned and mom was running, I ran after her, my dad was headed up. We were yelling bigfoot, we saw bigfoot! I grew up hunting and outdoors , and even in 1978, no mistaken this for a monkey or bear.

That is ridiculous comparison??? Not even close, especially the bear. We ran straight back to where we saw it, and it was long gone. We had no idea about tree structures etc. So, we left. We asked the ranger in town of Lake City if they have reports, and he said , OH YES!!! We did not make a report. Since my encounter, I have been a changed person. I am open minded, and I’d never call anyone a liar, or hoaxer.

I have luckily been believed so far, no ridicule. But I feared telling our story, when I was young. Now, I’m so proud of that day, and that most incredible experience. I feel completely blessed, and consider it a gift from God. My main curiosity is, why did we not feel fear???? We did feel shock, cuz we were pale, mom was white!!! But we went right back to show dad where it stood, and where we stood.

I was 20 feet, mom was about 40. I know you’re a busy man, and I’m so sorry if my story has bored you. I only sent it after being pushed. I hope you found it interesting. Thank you for your time, and for what you do! I truly appreciate you letting people know the truth. Bless you!”

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  1. Michael K

    I wonder what would happen if your your mom wasnt with you, would we ever hear this story . . . Or ever hear from YOU again . . . . .

  2. Tony W

    Great encounter but I don’t think it was being sympathetic, it’s an animal, and I think if their mom wasn’t with them we wouldn’t be hearing this story

  3. Lisa H

    Thanks for sharing I live in the basalt Aspen area of colorado & spend lots of time in the wilderness year round never have seen anything thank goodness love to hear what’s going on in the forests thank u everyone for sharing love this show and all its listeners

  4. JOHN E

    You have a day a moment in your life just think if everyone could have a day like that ….you need to share so many people don’t know how to even start to know …your story helps..Thanks John.

  5. Jane M

    I understand the emotion in the face. Almost like a moment between a Viking and a Christian. I think they may be more ethical than we are in the way they quietly live in their environment without ruining it like humans do every second of every day.

  6. Diana A

    that reminds me of the belief of a California central valley Native first people. This tribe of Cali indians say that the first bigfeet were excited that there was going to be another two legged in the world. They were thrilled. Then when the first native people laid their eyes on them the new twolegged got frightened and scared and ran. The bigfeet were so so sad and cried. They knew the new two leggeds thought they were ugly and scary and couldnt be friends. But to this day, when their is a death, the bigfoot spirit comes to gather them to lead them to the spirit world. Like the owl, it is sometimes not good to see them, Native people have different experiences with them and so beliefs vary. Keep in mind you cannot believe in the “sweeping generalizations” that all native first peoples believe the same thing.

  7. Kathryn C

    Yours is the first account I’ve read where you tried using sign language. I wonder if your mom hadn’t screamed and taken off how the encounter would have gone. And wonder if the BF would have recognized the hand signals at all??? Geez, what a great encounter, so peaceful for a few seconds. LOL thanks for sharing your encounter with us.

    • Ginger C

      Thank you! I guess I wasn’t real clear. I never did sign to the bigfoot, I was reading facial expressions. The deaf use many expressions since their voice cannot. So, I assumed that was what was happening, being 11 and so use to that. I assumed it was trying to speak, or tell me something. It seemed to be saying, I’m very sorry, please don’t get me in trouble. I got the feeling it was a mistake that it walked upon us. Like it broke a rule, and worried we’d tell. Then mom narked it out, by screaming haha, and it looked sooo disappointed. I bet my mom got it in trouble LOL. It really was a spectacular day, and I wish everyone could have a day like that. Thank you again πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. William Travis R

    Wonder why anyone ever presumes to tell a witness alternate interpretations of things only the witnesses opinion ought to hold sway… especially justifying the act with ‘facts’ that are absolutely not ‘facts’ but in fact opinions that every person interested in this topic ought to be weighing and considering the effect of every new sighting report on that opinion…

    For example, is a Bigfoot more like a person or more like an animal. That’s not something anyone who doesn’t have one crashing on the couch in their rumpus room ought to pop off too overly certain about.

    Why would so many of you be so certain this person was nearly killed and but for the numbers of her group she surely would have been, etc etc. where does that come from? Why ignore her first person account of the experience where in no uncertain terms she describes the encounter completely opposite such a dangerous sort of experience than what she describes.

    How is that logical or useful to yourselves or her? I guess I understand it in a better to err on the side of safety than be a milk cartoon child model… or something.

    Not trying to antagonize any of the perhaps bloodthirstier amongst us but am trying to point out what seems like a bad way to take on board fresh information from eye witnesses.

    • Glen K

      So, so True, William!! Exactly what I was thinking. Each encounter is unique and tells a story. Some people assume Bigfoots are aggressive monsters, who deserve a bullet in the head. Very sad. Most have never had encounters, but “they know best.” Anyway, great story. I’m almost positive I read about this encounter on BFRO a while back. It stayed with me.

  9. m99

    T/Y Glen, I was wondering where I had heard this account before. I liked it, but also, have to somewhat agree, what would have happened if mom hadn’t have been there? Like it or not, sometimes BF snatches children. That’s a fact. But I loved the connection the child had with the youngish BF. I don’t believe they’re all bad either. Did ya’ll hear that Brenton Sawin guest talk about playing with the little girl BF? She told him they’d be leaving soon and everything would change, and she couldn’t play with human children anymore after that. I think about that encounter story a lot. So, I think, maybe this youngish BF was trying to be friends, then saw mother. Oh, Oh! They are sure interesting beings, huh?

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