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Bermuda Triangle of Alaska

Amid the untouched beauty of Alaska’s varying landscape, a mystery lingers. Because people seem to go missing at an eerily high rate, a large section of the state has come to be called Alaska’s Bermuda Triangle. Alaskan residents and tourists seem to vanish into the largely untouched backdrop.


Aside from being known for its natural beauty, the region has an unusually high number of people, including tourists and locals, who disappear every year without a trace, as if they disappeared from the face of the earth. Besides people, many planes have disappeared inexplicably in the region. Since 1988, a total of 16,000 people have disappeared in the so-called “Bermuda Triangle of Alaska”.

In 2007, Alaska state troopers added 2,833 missing person notices to their Missing Persons Clearinghouse that maintains all related information. In a state with just over 670,000 residents, that figure averages out to about 4 in every 1,000 people.

There have been over thousands of recorded missing people in the Alaskan Triangle some either hiking or hunting, they have all disappeared without a trace. Now it could easily be chalked up to the harsh climate of the Alaskan wilderness and it multitudes of wild animals willing to eat any potential human who gets lost on their way and the winds and weather in the mountains could easily down a plane without ever trying. So yes, it is quite possible to easily explain the rational to all these people going missing, but to find no trace of any person in all the thousands of missing people cases associated in the area of the Alaskan Triangle, now that seems a bit odd to me.

The Indians native to the state, the Tlingit are sure about the truth of Alaska’s Bermuda Triangle. According to their folk-lore there exists a half-man, half-animal that has the ability to lure innocent people and trap them. The Kushtaka are considered evil and overwhelmingly regarded with a certain level of trepidation, there are instances of malevolent behavior on the part of the Kushtaka. The Kushtaka are credited with merrily tricking Tlingit sailors farther offshore to die, imitating the cries of an infant, or screams of a woman to lure hapless victims into rivers, or preying on small children.

What is a Kushtaka? Native Americans use koosh taa kaa to mean a hair-covered giant. Kushtaka is a term to define a Sasquatch-like being who lives deep in the woods, often in caves, underground burrows and rocky outcroppings.

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  1. Tristene M

    I live in the triangle and I posted before that yes, our climate is harsh and when you step off the tour bus, you’re stepping onto the bottom of the food chain here. But that even though a lot of people get munched on or die from Mother Nature, not all of them do. We all know they exist up here. Drive about 2 hours out of Anchorage and there are nightly screams and vocalizations. There are places you couldn’t pay me to camp of hunt.

    • Kevin K

      You are right there. I drive OTR from Anchorage and down south thru the Yukon and into the Pacific Northwest and am always alert. I see the bicycle tourists who decide to bike the full length of the ALCAN and I am in disbelief. Every year the RCMP puts up posters of “missing tourists” inside the Beaver Creek border outpost on the Alaskan/Yukon border. When we go berry picking we are ALWAYS armed—-and I’m not talking little guns. Start at AR10 (AR15 is way too small) and go up!

      It cracks me up when the “lower 48” crowd tries to influence Alaskans firearm beliefs……

      Perhaps they would ve willing to spend a night or two out in the woods a few hrs from Anchorage?

      Life is Choices…..Choose wisely!

      • Tristene M

        Drive safely my friend! All the little “four wheelers” make for a dangerous job. I am with you with firepower. The more power the better. You never know what can and will pop up in front of you intent on making you lunch, thinking you’re a threat to be neutralized, or just plain malicious intent.
        They’d be ok 2 hours out it’s usually vocalizing but past Mp 70 or so it gets…. Interesting 😉 drive safe Kevin and be blessed.

    • Kevin K

      If you were to come up here with us in either Northern Canada, Yukon, or Alaska and tell local town folks there is no such thing as Bigfoot or that perhaps some of these aren’t Bigfoot related… would find yourself amongst some irate people.

      This Polar region of the world is REMOTE. There is no possible way mankind has documented all living creatures that live in this region….and that’s ranging from Bacteria to Bigfoot…..

      Come up and visit….but stay alert. Up here we live amongst the wildlife whereas in the lower 48 (if that’s where you are from) the wildlife lives amongst the people….COMPLETE role reversal
      ..words can’t explain it.

  2. Letty

    Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t aware that many people were missing. That is a lot of missing people for a few Bigfoots unless there are a lot of them around in Alaska. I know this is going to sound a little off the wall but there been accounts of UFO sightings. That could also be a possibility into the disappearances.

  3. Papa - Yeti

    Well so far no interesting theories given upon this topic, so I shall toss out a few here.

    I have in my archives one such case where a migrant boy disappeared when he took a break from picking in the Apple orchard of which his family was hired to harvest. A search party later discovered his abandoned cowboy boots upon the far bank of a wide brook in Montana, some distance from the farm.

    -The 1948 Montana case : ►1948 The Gruesome Abduction of a Migrant Mexican Boy ► 1948 A.D. Douglas County, Montana ► “The 12 year old boy Robert (bob) White, his feet were twisted and ripped right off at the ankles, feet left still within his boots; /
    -When they forded the brook, and examined the boys cowboy boots, his feet, where within his boots, as they were twisted off their ankles. (The Tracking hound dogs refused to track any further.

    1. The Boy and his family were stealing the Sasquatch’s sweet and juicy abundance of ripe apples. ◄► So Sasquatch took it as a fair deal trade a meal of apples for a meal of a young boy. The boy’s feet were removed. Sasquatches other MO is to break the neck of its prey so it cannot cry out. How does this relate to the 11 severed human foot remains discovered and within 11 buoyant shoes, upon the Pacific Northwestern shores strewn for a distance of 125 miles, over the span of few years? These shoed severed feet, could have flowed with the ocean currents down towards Vancouver.

    • Tristene M

      I haven’t heard that one specifically. There was one a few years back that was found and put down with the hide from shoulders back to the haunches ripped off. Not in shreds but in one piece.

      • Rod C


        One could only imagine what did that to the bear. Thanks I enjoy your posts. Did they figure out what killed the family of 4 + dog down by Kenai yet?

        • Tristene M

          You’re welcome. Not yet they don’t know what even happened to them. They’re just.. Gone. Poof with no explanation. The state is still looking. That’s one enduring thing about up here. When tragedy strikes, the whole state helps in any way they can.

  4. Rod C

    In AK like Colorado legally taken bears are checked in and catalogued with the Alaska Game and Fish. Surely they have photos of the bit bear.

  5. Papa - Yeti

    -The case was: ► 1900 – Thomas Bay, Alaska – Charley’s story –
    You can google this case to read of the entire story. I claim now ownership of it, and post here for educational and entertainment reasons only.
    ► [“Right there, fellows, I got the scare of my life. I hope to God I never see or go through the likes of it again. Swarming up the ridge towards me from the lake were the most hideous creatures. I couldn’t call them anything but devils, as they were neither men nor monkeys – yet looked like both. They were entirely sexless, their bodies covered with long coarse hair, except where the scabs and running sores had replaced it. Each one seemed to be reaching out for me and striving to be the first to get me. The air was full of their cries and the stench from their sores and bodies [*Body sores from what cause? Scurvy? Sores from the Mange Parasite? Starvation?] made me faint from the noxious fumes rising upwind.

    -“I forgot my broken gun and tried to use it on the first ones, and then I threw it at them and turned and ran. God, how I did run! ► I could feel their hot breath on my back. There long claw – like fingers scraping my back. The smell from their streaming stinking bodies was making me sick; while the noises they made, yelling, screaming and breathing, drove me mad. Reason left me. How I reached the canoe or how I hung on to that piece of quartz is a mystery to me.]
    -“When I came to, it was night; and I was lying in the bottom of my canoe, drifting between Thomas Bay and Sukhoi Island (Kodiak Island), cold, hungry and crazy for a drink of water. But only to satisfy the latter urge, I started for Wrangell, Alaska and here I am. You no doubt think I am either crazy or lying. All I can say is there is the quartz. Never let me hear the name of Thomas Bay again, and for God’s sake help me get away tomorrow on the boat!” So passed out Charlie from our lives. We put his story down as a fantasy caused by loneliness and morbid thought. ◄End [The full story was written up and archived and forgotten until decades later.]
    The other encounter story was decades after Charlie’s horrific encounter –

    I had to do a lot of chopping to make this all fit, but the Gist of it all is, there are packs, large groups running about, hunting at night. The Wilds of Alaska and Canada are not a safe place and these creatures very well may be the reason for so many missing people.

    • Kevin K

      Yes, since I moved to Alaska, I have a new appreciation for the word “remote wilderness”. It is a place not to be trifled with but to be respected. I see far too many tourists (California types…I can tell because I lived I’m California for 9 yrs) who are COMPLETELY clueless when it comes to wild animals. Every trip up/down the ALCAN during the tourist season I see these people feeding brown/black bears—many with small kids.

      I was on episode 94. Alaska is a very special place. NEVER underestimate it. I believe the wilderness can be enjoyed and not feared….provided it is RESPECTED. That mean forgetting any anti-gun thinking and realize that the only person who is going to protect you and your family is YOU….provided you are ARMED. One of the 1st things I did when I moved to this “triangle” was to buy a high powered military grade rifle with high capacity magazines and APR. We NEVER go out in the forest UNLESS we are well armed.

      Living in Alaska was always my dream since my teen years, and I intend on keeping it that way and avoid letting another Sasquatch experience turn it into a nightmare.

      Life is Choices…….choose wisely. KEEP CALM AND CARRY GUNS.

      • Tristene M

        There was one fall during rutting season a family on the road driving up towards Flat Top asked me as I was slowly trying to make my way around them, if they could pet the moose standing aggressively with hair up head down ears low! I told them it would most likely stomp them to death. They told me strongly how wrong I was because “moose were herbivores and didn’t eat meat so they were safe.” I drove off watching them get out of their car. I prayed hard for them as I drove down. You hit the nail on the head in your other post. We live amongst the wildlife where “outside” the wildlife lives amongst them.

          • Kevin K

            Check out ep94…half way through….:)

            That’s us…

            Yes, I think an Alaskan Expedition is in order…..complete with High powered Military grade assault weapons

        • Kevin K

          Yeah, I’ve learned in life that you can’t “save stupid”….when I do see people do really stupid stuff with Bear and Moose alongside the ALCAN I will blow my airhorn on my truck and will usually get the “I’m #1” hand gesture back. I just don’t want to see little kids hurt or worse….

          It’s is one thing both the RCMP and Alaska state troopers will bust tourists for is doing stupid stuff with Moose/Bear…

          MP70….on the Glenn or Parks Highway (or ALCAN)?

          • Tristene M

            An expedition sounds like fun until the running and screaming ala Jurassic park begins(grin). Gads now I have an image of all of us trying to run through the devils club >.< not pretty. The Glen. Is where I'm talking about. Better to be told you're number one then read later about that family dead or in critical condition. Keep saving lives and drive careful.

  6. Papa - Yeti

    The full Story can be found on Google, and If I am not mistaken may be in the Sasquatch Chronicles Blog or episodes archives.

    -It was the ►2001,Winter: Sons trailered Jeep transported from Boise, Idaho down to Medford, Oregon.- ►2001, winter: ► This case had the same or different creatures all 10 to 12 creatures working their way weaving across the open area in front of the man and his son as they bother stood taking their pee late that night in that remote winter location near Crater Lake, Oregon.

    -Then more creatures were seen joining them, the men escaped with their lives, the event was at Union Creek, Oregon, where the encounter / incident took place. The creatures advanced and got very close to the two men as they backed up towards their truck, they did not dare turn their backs to the very aggressively advancing creatures. They got into the truck and while turning the truck and trailed Jeep around to take off down the highway, they ran over the feet of one of the creatures as it yelled out in both pain and anger. I wanted to post in part both encounters as they show just how the Creatures run and hunt in packs numbering up to 12 plus. And how aggressive they are, in their attempts to catch their human prey. So I can only imagine the horrors that live and hunt in the Alaskan Triangle region.

  7. david s

    I don’t believe the 16,000 number. However if over 2,000 were verifiably reported in one year, it’s possible. I can’t think of a better state for BF to take people since people are so scarce in that state. In my opinion BF are evil and were hybridized (created) by evil.

  8. Papa - Yeti

    No David S, I believe mankind / Homo sapiens to be the evil ones, just as evil if not the Creatures Equal, history has proven so…

    -Does Sasquatch copulate with putrid corpses? The Serial killer Ted Bundy bashed in the skulls of his victims while strangulating them, and then raped them. He tossed some of his victims lifeless bodies in the mountains, then he repeatedly returned over the course of many days and rapped their putrid corpses, and again, and again until they were too far decomposed. Then he continued searching out more victims, and such insane killers could be working the Alaskan Triangle. But I am betting it’s a copulation of all factors, Sasquatch; Bi pedal wolf; human serial killers; and the harsh Alaskan very fast changing weather conditions; and wildlife must play a part of it as well. And then we must enter suicides into it as well.

  9. Debbie C

    Tristene M,
    I hope one day soon you’ll phone or write Wes
    about what you’re hearing-witnessing:)

    River Monsters-Animal Planet anaconda killer.
    Face-to-Face with a 20-Foot, Monster Anaconda | River Monsters
    I was watching this the other night, the Anaconda can devour
    almost anything. Their stomach enzymes eat through flesh and bone leaving zero
    evidence of what the snake has swallowed.
    I’m wondering if Sasquatch stomach enzymes works in this manner?

    • Rod C


      I just heard or read recently on SC about some large cattle bones broken in half so the marrow inside could be eaten. I think BF can devour almost everything in human or animal. That huge head contains a lot of powerful chewing muscles. I don’t know about enzymes, but could be a good possibility. BF seems to eat just about everything in a human except a little piece of skull cap. Several cases in Paulides missing 411 books and website discuss human remains found of the missing people.

    • Tristene M

      Debbie, I officially can neither confirm nor deny any or all stories . I like what I do for a living too much to see it all go poof…like a mushroom cloud. But thank you kindly for enjoying my little life experiences. I enjoy your posts as well. 🙂

  10. Papa - Yeti

    Yes Patrick, it was far too over the top and too graphic, it was as difficult to post it and it was to write it. However I wanted to remind people that Humans / Homo sapiens are just as monstrous. There are insane people among the populace. I will spare any further mention of how horrible the human cares is, but as creepy and horrible as Sasquatch is, humans have done far worse to our own species and other creatures. Sorry for posting a very graphic example to make my point.

  11. Scott

    Wow very interesting I beleive your stories. I would take the word of the locals that live in any given area over the theories or speculations of others hands down. My brothers and sisters in Alaska take care and be safe.

  12. Jerry W

    I don’t think people realize how big Alaska really is. I’ve gone on several backpacking trips through Alaska, almost 700 miles combined, last year 200 miles and didn’t see another person from the time the plane dropped us off until we got picked up. If someone told me there were wooly mammoths still out there I couldn’t dispute it.

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