Feb 21

Australian Nurse Encounters A Human Hybrid In Peru?

Found in a disturbed tomb on the flank of Mount Wiracochan about an hour’s drive south of Cusco Peru by anthropologist Sr. Renato of the Andahuaylillas Museum, Huayqui has confounded all medical experts who have seen her in person or through photos and video.




12 Responses to “Australian Nurse Encounters A Human Hybrid In Peru?”

  1. Kathryn F

    This just “BLOWS MY MIND “ this is definitely MIX of something …..fricken SCARY’!!! They (who ever they ARE ) have been here a VERY longgggg time…….it makes me question So Many things !!!? Ya. Know😱

  2. Matthew W

    It’s a mutation. They occur naturally. Inbreeding, diet, other factors and you come up with special traits, by accident. Sometimes the accident better equips an individual for survival and the accident becomes part of the norm. Most times the mutation dooms the individual to not survive and the trait dies with that individual. It’s called natural selection.

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