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Sasquatch Leaving The Yard

A listener writes “I wanted to share our encounters with you. This is the first time I’ve ever openly shared all of our experiences with anyone. I have tried in the past only to be met with, “what were you smokin’?” followed by immediate laughter. Anyway, here goes….

In 2014, it was either late spring or early fall because the leaves were on the trees, but we were having cold rains… My 14 and 9 yr old sons went out to gather our dogs from their pin that they stay in while we are gone, or doing outdoor activities where we want them enclosed because we live on a busy back country road where the locals fly down the road. They always bring them in before dark, and on this particular day, the dogs were going absolutely crazy barking, so my boys went down to check on them to see what was going on. When they got down to the fence, our dachshund was literally trying to climb the fence to get out, and our mutt was at the fence whining and whimpering. This was out of character for both of them. My 14 yr old boy noticed that they were both looking toward a particular spot behind him and when he turned to look, he saw a Bigfoot headed out of the yard and down a trail in the woods. He said that he froze and couldn’t move or yell, or speak, and that he felt cold from head to toe. When it disappeared into the woods, after looking over it’s shoulder checking my boy out, he told his brother to run, and they came running in the house white as a ghost and he told me that he’d seen a Bigfoot go down the trail and into the woods. So, I went outside barefooted and into the woods to try to convince my hysterical kids that everything was OK, and that there was no Bigfoot.

About 6 feet into the trail, I looked down and was standing in a footprint. A footprint big enough for both of my size 5 feet to fit inside of. As I went on down the trail We found several prints along with broken and bent branches that were way too high for any critter or person to make. Once I realized that we were following whatever made those tracks into the woods, and just how big it was, I quickly made the boys turn around to head inside. I felt soooo eerie and almost threw up before I got back to the top of the trail. This was right at dusk, so by the time we got back into the yard it was almost dark, and it started to rain. We couldn’t get a picture of the prints because by the time we got back up to the house, it was pouring down rain and the prints would have washed away. My son’s description of what he saw and how he felt were so vivid that there is absolutely no way that it was fabricated or misconstrued. He’s a brutally honest kid, and I believe every word he said. He saw a Bigfoot, and so did the dogs. I’d bet my last penny on it. The next morning we went out to investigate, and sure enough, there were no signs of any footprints, and the trail was washed clear. That evening when they went armed to retrieve the dogs, they heard limbs breaking and loud movement once again down the same trail.

I’d love for you to hear his description. It makes me nauseous to hear it, because it was big enough to kill him. There are still times that he can barely talk about it and he gets goosebumps and his voice cracks and trembles everytime he talks about what he saw that day. He has to talk about it though. He relives it and tells me about it quite often. He knows I believe him; therefore, he gets it off his chest by discussing it with me.
About a year after his sighting I was driving to a friend’s house on a beautiful sunny fall day.

The leaves were so bright underneath the sun that the woods were glowing with bright yellow leaves. As I rounded a curve, I was looking at the sun beam down at an angle into the woods and in all the brightness, I saw a huge black void in the bright yellow. As I saw it, it saw me, and it tried to duck behind a tree. I then could see the black silhouette on both sides of the tree, and saw it’s massive hand holding the tree. It was only a second or two, but I’m positive of what I saw. It was so black that it seemed to absorb the light.

I turned around to go back, and of course, it was gone, but there was nothing there in that curve that I could have mistaken for him. The woods were still beaming with bright sunshine and glowing yellow foliage, except on this pass, there was no enormous black void. At that moment I had immediate confirmation that my son had truly seen an ENORMOUS critter!

Close to a year later, I purchased some land deep in the woods on a creek. We have two tiny houses, one for me, and one for my boys. We have had several unexplained things happen while living here. We’ve heard knocking, howling, chattering, and rock throwing. We’ve heard something go through our things underneath our carport. One winter we cooked outside and left a platter of uneaten cheeseburgers on the patio. Hours later, when we went to eat again, we realized that we had left the platter outside. When we went out to get it, it was gone. Like it had vanished! No trace of an animal getting it, the platter, food, foil that was over the top, everything gone. My boys have searched the woods around our property for years in hopes of finding that platter, but it has never been found. No animal could have carried off an entire platter of meat without leaving a trace behind.
As stated before, we don’t share our stories with many people.

Everytime we’ve mentioned it to someone, they laugh and aggravate us about it. Last fall I posted a funny meme on Facebook about a Bigfoot, I was apprehensive, because I didn’t want to hear any bullshit about it. My cousin commented and asked if I’d ever listened to your podcast. When I replied “no,” she said, “oh you have to give it a listen, we are believers, my father in law has seen one here in Alabama, and we are obsessed with the Sasquatch Chronicles!” Since that day, you are the only podcast I listen to. I live a very primitive lifestyle with no television or computer. I only listen to the radio and to your podcast through my phone. It’s so comforting to know that we are not alone. Seeing is believing, and those who ridicule and don’t believe, it’s only because they haven’t seen. We have, and we KNOW.”

6 Responses to “Sasquatch Leaving The Yard”

  1. Connie O

    I’m so glad you told your story here. Wes, is so understanding and has a wonderful way of comforting those who tell their stories on Sasquatchchronicles. You can feel safe here with Wes, and the listeners. God bless you and your boys, and be careful!

  2. Annalisa H

    You are an absolutely beautiful writer. I’ve never seen them but I Do Believe you. I’m envious of your seemingly wonderful primitive lifestyle. I hope to one day find that sort of freedom in this endless world of ours . Much love to you and yours ❤️

  3. Greg O

    People who ridicule are bullies and do not count in my opinion. Here is where there is a group of people who believe if they have not seen and those of us who know that have seen.

  4. Denise F

    This subject is something you have to see to believe, well and even after you see, you still have a hard time believing some days.

    This is an interesting encounter/ encounters.

    • Debbie S

      I second that Denise. It is a wild ride once you see one. I think my husband is the only family member who truly believes me. The rest know I don’t make stuff up and so they “half” believe me if that makes sense? Because I finally got aggravated and told my whole family. Heck, I go back in my mind sometimes and ask myself, “Did I really see that?” And the truth is that there is nothing that color or that size that can explain it away. Or how my dogs reacted. 🙁

      Interesting encounters for sure….

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