Jan 11

Audio clip from Valliant, Oklahoma

What do you all think of these sounds? (Grab the headphones/earbuds if possible)


The original poster, Kayla Francis says this:

I heard this on January 8 2015 at 8:00 p.m, in my backyard. I’ve been hearing these noises for about 5 years and they always happen in winter

I live in Valliant Oklahoma, that’s in McCurtain County. I live in a heavily wooded area. The place it was coming from was the woods and I live about 100 yards from the starting treeline. It was almost a full moon and no wind. The area behind my house is about 100 acres of nothing but forest. And in McCurtain County there are thousands more acres that are untouched. Also, where the sound was coming from was down in a drawl where a deep creek runs through. It’s got clean water and there is a lot of wildlife, deer, coyotes, mountain lion, excetra.

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  1. pam

    at the end the sounds are abruptly cut off justa as it gets real close, loud. In my opinion it is because THEY ARE GETTING CLOSE! Get inside lady! And I think she does.

  2. Renee B

    I’m not certain. It has many of the qualities of a BF vocalization but not being from that area I’m not aware of what coyotes, owls, foxes there sound like. It is very intriguing though.

  3. Scott

    Wow!! I don’t know the circumstances surrounding the recording, but I have to wonder why the recording was so abruptly shut off. I mean if the sounds were getting closer, and she felt threatened, I totally understand wanting to remove oneself from danger. But why not leave whatever recording device being used someplace safe outside? On a rock, a garbage can, on a porch or deck, SOMEPLACE!!! Its a little frustrating to hear something that might have some validity to it, only to be shut down…Oh well, maybe next time. Good stuff for sure! Thanks for sharing.

  4. E Meredith L

    That does sound squatchy.
    I remember when topo maps just showed McCurtain County as a white spot with nothing but elevation lines. McCurtain County reminds me of the cluster of sparsely inhabited mountain counties in northern Arkansas collectively known as the “booger counties.”

  5. william g

    Wow,pretty in your face there Kayla,I hope you’re not living alone at that residence,if so you might want to look into investing in an elephant gun.Just incredible audio.Something with big lungs.

  6. Bill M

    It’s hard to say., I’m not saying it is but now a days with the four clowns on TV yelling and banging on shit all over the woods at night. There’s tons of people out doing it.it sure didn’t sound man made to me but hard to say. A few weeks ago I ran into a guy that had a big ass cone the kind they use while working on the highway. Had painted it black. He it works great. Who knows. But that recording sounded pretty damn real to me.

  7. Derek G

    I’m from Canada, I moose hunt in a remote area, deer hunt and been around the forest all my life. On the farm, even at this moment I can open my window and listen to coyotes. I’m always surprised by the wide variety of sounds animals make in the forest and timber wolves have made my hair stand on end many times with their howling but these vocals I have never heard in the bush before and are not the standard animal vocalizations. They do not seem to be man made and are made by something with big lungs, you can tell they are moving closer and even if you could manufacture these vocals in order to attract Sasquatch you would let them off from a stationary position and wait to hear responses, you wouldn’t be travelling as your making them! It would defeat the whole purpose. If I heard this in the bush for the first time, at night, and coming closer to me I WOULD NOT be sticking around, risking to run into something I know is not a bear, wolf, mountain lion, coyote, fisher, moose or deer. It could be a Sasquatch. I wish I could hear with my own ears, it would be much easier to know for sure.

  8. Charles R

    Nice comment Derek G coming from someone as experienced as you it means a lot. I heard this recording before it made it here and was impressed. Can not say it was a Sasquatch, but that I think it just may be. The dog got very nervous about what was happening and that says something also. The area of the recording, McCurtain county, OK has the most reports of any county in OK. It is very heavily forested with a lot of logging going on in the past 20 years by some major companies.

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