Jan 11

Down the rabbit hole part 2 and 3

Down the rabbit hole part 2 and 3 are available in the podcast section


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  1. Chick

    Thank you Wes and Will for pulling the sheet off! I am looking about this entire bigfoot thing, and my government through new eyes. This is all very serious and hard to digest. You are both very brave. The kind of brave that is obviously coming from your terrible experiences. You have nothing to gain but are doing what is right.

    Too bad about Bob Garrett. I completely understand why he is stepping out of the light. Actually I am relieved. They could have really used his knowledge for the good, he would have helped them. But good is not what they want to work.

  2. mark s

    Thanks guys great shows, this Gary guy is the best the Gov. has to use for the coverup of sasquatch, he needs to think about the people and not his paycheck. As for Bob Garrett I am sorry to hear the intimidation is going to limit his social media, what a loss!!! Bob has been a fantastic avenue for info. Thanks again for the reality about the sasquatch situation.

  3. Brett S

    Great set of shows! Been listening for a little over a year now and I just can’t get enough. I wish Mr. Garret the best wish I had access to all his info. I don’t think I would like to see one but would love to hear confirmation of their existence. So many credible witnesses with consistent accounts of behavior and anatomy, maybe I’d like to see one just so I can be a knower too.

  4. Thomas W

    Excellent show; when measured against the current Sasquatch offerings, your shows are singularly professional journalistic contributions.
    I come to this subject from the point of view of a (retired) security management professional. I have training, certifications, and experience in emergency response, Personal Protection, VIP & executive protection, threat assessment, and risk management; LE pistol & shotgun instruction, OC / Pepper instruction, Interview & Interrogation, and investigations. This background permits me to view the ‘literature’ and the events from a viewpoint far removed from that of the Fluteplayer. I am also trained as an attorney, and specifically in administrative law, Federal regulation, and Jurisdictional Conflict. This does NOT make me a Sasquatch expert or a know-it-all: it simply brings other disciplines into play as a conceptual framework.
    I have my opinions on the optimal manner in which to resolve the Sasquatch controversy with legal and scientific finality. Of course the operation would be legal, and evidence gathered, with full scientific integrity, would be legally admissible.
    Until a professional operation attempts to address this issue, with the intent to publish the results rather than conceal or manage them, proof of this creature will await a fortuitous road kill or a self-defense harvest that is credibly self-published and broadcast before it can be suppressed. It must be the product of credible people who know their specialty, are prepared to act responsibly on an opportunity, and are committed to the truth.

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