Nov 24

App Update

I apologize for the delay on the App release. When you submit an App to Apple it’s quite the process. Everything has been approved regarding the App the only thing holding it up is Apple wants me to run my memberships through them so they can take 30% of the revenue.

I thought I was submitting a Free Working App I paid to have developed. I had no idea I was dealing with the technology mafia. If Apple doesn’t quickly tell me what I want to hear I am going to post links for the App download on the website.

25 Responses to “App Update”

  1. Steven B

    Is that 30% of all your memberships?…tell ’em to take a walk if that is the case. I don’t have a smart anything so I wouldn’t be able to use the app, why should they get a cut of my membership to your site?

  2. Glen K

    (New Jersey) I really don’t know what an app will or won’t ad to the site. All I do know is what I’ve been saying for years. This website/podcast is absolutely Brilliant!! As I’m sure most members would attest to, it so enjoyable, informative, educational, well, you name it, Sheer Genius! It was built with the blood ,sweat, and tears from the ground up by one man, Wes Germer. So, once again, thanks Wes for all the great work you do !

  3. Susan H

    I have an I everything Wes and as much as I would love to have the new app, I can live without it if it means they are going to hold you up like highway robbery, Don’t let them have a ********thing. I love Sasquatch Chronicles and I will continue to listen and support your podcast. Tell them to take a long walk off a short pier.

    • Sharon H

      I agree Susan. I would continue to listen on the dot com site if that was the case.
      Wes, you do what you need to do. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you after all the work you’ve done to get this site where it is.

  4. Nick H

    I don’t use a Apple anything, use to have an iPhone but hated having to use iTunes to load up my own music, screw them and all the greedy and intrusive tech companies.
    I love coming here to your website,you have done a great job, don’t cave in to the dark side ????

  5. Arlene H

    I’m a android user and feel the “I” crap that they are giving you is not worth it. Your the one who put in all the blood, sweat and tears to get your show the very best podcast on the air. I would listen to it on a 50 year old transistor radio. Don’t feel you have to be bullied into paying them that much for all you do. Your listening audience doesn’t care if it’s a app or not…..we will all continue to listen just as it’s been. We love your show and feel you should get the money…..not the “I Mafia”

  6. schlad

    Do people still use Apple? Wow..guess if you crave limitation and outdated hardware they are a good choice, I like android because I can do whatever I want, for free.

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